House Oblodra

The third house of Menzoberranzan

House Oblodra has been tagged(rightfully so!) with a treacherous and unpredictable reputation. Somehow, even so obviously outside the accepted practices of Menzoberranzan, Matron K’yorl has remained in the favor of Lloth, as evidenced by House Oblodra’s solid standing in the city’s hierarchy.

Oblodren are known for fanaticism, reckless battle rages and outright frenzy, and for dabbling in the wildest magic, pushing the boundaries of accepted magical practices as casually as they push the boundaries of Lloth’s unwritten dictates. Such recklessness has brought the house seemingly to the verge of extinction again and again but no other house has actually dared to attack them. Perhaps this is due to Matron K’yorl’s supreme confidence, the feeling that she always has some hidden wild card left ot play, but more likely it is because Oblodren have left more than a dozen obliterated houses in the wake of their ascension-obliterated beyond even the expectations of drow warfare.

By all sensible measures Faen Tlabblar is a stronger house than Oblodra, as were many of the houses ranking below the third house. Matron K’yorl’s uncanny understanding of drow politics is credited for this.

Notable members of House Oblodra

  • K’yorl Oblodra (Matron Mother)
  • Cazna Oblodra (First Daughter)
  • Maya Oblodra (2nd Daughter)
  • Chakos Oblodra (House High Mage)
  • Mala’gos Oblodra (Student of Tier Breche)

Known Alliances:

  • House Barrison Del’Armgo
  • House Fey-Branche

Known Rivals:

  • House Baenre
  • House Faen Tlabbar

House Oblodra

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