House Faen Tlabbar

Fourth House of Menzoberranzan

House Faen Tlabbar is most well known throughout Menzoberranzan for the wanton sexuality of it’s priestesses-who also have a reputation for their utmost loyalty to Lloth. When Faen Tlabbar priestesses venture forth through the city for a night of debauchery, the whole city often discusses their exploits the following day. Males are often slain by other jealous males in the course of these evenings, and entire taverns are given over to orgies and sacrifices to Lloth.

Matron Mother Ghenni’tiroth Tlabbar has 11 daughters as well as 11 sons. The most of any Matron Mother in the city. Interestingly enough the next high priestess in the house is Fini’they Tlabbar a refugee from House Devir which was destroyed during war. This elevation in status actually caused a small house war resulting in the death of Matron Mother Ghenni’s eldest daughter and 3 of her sons.

Notable members of House Baenre

  • Ghenni’tiroth Tlabbar (Matron Mother)
  • Fini’they Tlabbar (Surrogate 1st Daughter)
  • Mera Tlabbar (2nd Daughter)
  • Alystin Tlabbar (3rd Daughter)
  • Balok Tlabbar (Heads the Merchant Guild)
  • T’liel Tlabbar (Daughter of Alystin Tlabbar)
  • Zilvra Tlabbar(Daughter of Mera Tlabbar and student at Tier Breche)
  • Myr’Vrae Tlabbar (7th Daughter)
  • Zarra Tlabbar (9th Daughter and student at Tier Breche)

Known Alliances:

  • House Baenre
  • House Xorlarrin

Known Rivals:

  • House Agrach Dyrr
  • House Oblodra
  • House Mizzrym

House Faen Tlabbar

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