House Baenre

First House of Menzoberranzan.

House Baenre is the oldest (5,000 years), the strongest, and the most prestigious house in Menzoberranzan. The story of its ascension to the premier rank in the city is not known; to the drow of Menzoberrranzan, Baenre just is, and always has been, the First house. And their power cannot be logically denied. In addition to the oldest and most power Matron Mother in the city (Yvonnel Baenre), who seems to have a special relationship with the Spider Queen, the house boasts 16 high priestesses, including Triel, holding the crucial and powerful position as Matron Mistress of the drow Academy.

There can be no doubt of the clerical prowess is the strength of House Baenre. Their wizard force, while second to only Barrison Del’Armgo’s, is not as impressive. Sheer numbers and the finest equipment gives House Baenre’s elite fighting force top honors in the city. Twenty-six hundred drow soldiers stand ready inside the incredible Baenre complex, and, if the rumors are true, that is barely half of the force the First Matron Mother of Menzoberranzan could muster in a crisis.

Notable members of House Baenre

  • Yvonnel Baenre (Matron Mother)
  • Triel Baenre (Matron Mistress of Tier Breche)
  • Gromph Baenre (Arch-mage of Sorcere)
  • Quenthel Baenre (2nd Daughter)
  • Val’tran Baenre (Student at Tier Breche)

Known Alliances:

  • House Faen Tlabbar
  • House Xorlarrin
  • House Agrach Dyrr
  • House Do’Urden

Known Rivals:

  • House Barrison Del’Armgo
  • House Oblodra

House Baenre

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