Malice Dyrr

Inquisitor and newly minted enemy of Belar


Malice was born to Rilrae Dyrr, High Priest of Arach-Tinilith and 1st Daughter of House Agrach Dyrr. She was a surprise, as she was the second child born to her mother that evening. It was heralded as a blessing from Lloth herself. As such she has an unusual closeness with her twin brother Belar De Ndar Agrach Dyrr.

From an early age she was trained to be a cleric devoted to Lloth but something never seemed right, something was just off. It was as if she was just not grasping the cleric life, she was drawn to her natural martial prowess. She had all the traits of a good cleric, magical aptitude, ambition, the favor of Lloth, cruelty, and a strong devotion to Lloth. So, while at Arach-Tinilith, Malice’s mother had her placed into the Melee school to cross train. There she found her true calling, as a paladin (so to speak) to Lloth. With her devotion to Lloth, and her natural affinity to martial skill, she quickly excelled. Not many females grace Melee-Magthere, especial from Arch-Tinilith, but in this rare case she has. In doing so, she has created a few enemies. Few strong enough to stand against her directly, especial while perceived to be in Lloth’s favor, so her enemies have turned to tormenting and attempting to kill her twin brother Belar De Ndar Agrach Dyrr.

On multiple occasions, Belar De Ndar was attacked, nearly being assassinated on several occasions. The result of rivalries within Melee-Magthere. They viewed him as a way to get at her and punish her. Belar De Ndar as such has lost some of his taste for Drow politics. Malice however, thrives on them. Though some view her affinity for her brother as a weakness, she uses it as a strength. In a society that promotes treachery and survival of the fittest, to have one willing to honestly protect one another is a valued commodity. As long as her brother doesn’t stray from Lloth she will always try and protect him. After all, they are twins, to them they are one and the same only split at birth.

Malice is particularly found of her Family Crest and will strive to further its cause. Not necessarily its members. She feels that her family is to lenient on males, but because of her brother she over looks this issue, for now. Malice views all mercy as being weak. Lloth shows no mercy so neither should she.

Malice Dyrr

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