All Trust is Foolish

All Trust is Foolish - Episode 8

The many faces of evil...and the party meets a creature of Legend!

__Team Mayhem rests up and Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr identifies and opens an offshoot door that exposes a stairway that goes up. Nymvyr pauses suspiciously after opening the door, and begins walking back towards the party. Belar asks “what’s up”, but Nymvyr ignores the question. The party suspects something is afoot when Nymvyr suddenly springs into a ferocious attack upon K’eirnon. Nymvyr’s suprise attack is brutal and accurate, severely injuring K’eirnon. K’eirnon’s spider retalitates and lands strong attacks as well and the battle is on. Nymvyr is eventually knocked into subconciosusness and effectively subdued by the party. He’s tied up and healed slightly, and claims he remembers nothing of the battle. Myr’Vrae poses that it was a trap on the door that mesmerized him. The party heals everyone else up, K’eirnon steadfastly refusing to heal his brother.

Nymvyr and Ranger Belar cautiously move ahead of the party and climb the stairs to their top and encounter large double doors. Nymvyr picks the lock, and he and Belar enter a large library with stone bookcases and tables of a different construction than Druergar would use. The remainder of the party climbs the stairway and begins to enter the room when Belar notices movement at the edge of his vision that might indicate an otherworldly ambush. The party quickly positions themselves to receive an attack as the doorway explodes inward at the far end of the library near Nymvyr, revealing a bony three-headed dog like creature. Nymvyr retreats to the more defensible center of the room while Belar and Necromancer Myr’Vrae attack the dog-like creature at range. Suddenly a ghost-like creature manifests nearby Belar and his pet spider, a sizeable distance from the dog. Priestess Nefazia and her demonic pet close on the ghost-like creature and the battle is on at two locations.

Druid K’eirnon’s summoned earth elementals arrive late to the party, but just in time for an approaching winged demon to swoop in and attack. K’eirnon’s pet spider climbs atop the table and webs the winged demon, forcing it to drop to the top of one of the massive stone book cases, well out of the reach of the party. Nefazia joins Myr’Vrae’s pet undead brother Bob and they both engage the ghost-like creature along with Belar and the spider, while Myr’Vrae and Nefazia’s demon companion attacks the three-headed dog in support of Nymvyr and the ghost like creature. K’eirnon, his spider and the elementals battle the demon with neither side gaining an advantage. K’eirnon summons a mighty hail storm, which successfully damages the demon, the dog, and unfortunately a third of the bookshelves in the room.

Nymvyr, the demonic companion and Myr’Vrae are then able to subdue the dog (Nymvyr later slays it) and Myr’Vrae turns to battle the ghost. The demon atop the bookshelf summons a doppelganger-like double, who then attacks Myr’Vrae (and gains the combative attention of Nefazia’s companion as well). After some time, the doppelganger demon is defeated, with Nymvyr’s help. The ghost-like apparition has taken it’s toll on Belar and his spider, but eventually succumbs when Nefazia’s companion joins in.

K’eirnon hears a noise that makes no sense, but can’t locate the source. Then suddenly a massive fireball explodes in the midst of the battle, slaying most of the summoned earth elementals, the much-injured winged demon, and injuring K’eirnon, Nymvyr, Myr’Vrae and Nefazia’s companion. The source of the fireball is a vampire that is forming from a mist at the far end of the room. Most of the party hurries to engage the vampire at that end of the large room while Belar and Myr’Vrae cast from distance and Nefazia heals the much-damaged Belar. When the party gets there, however, the vampire vanishes from sight and in his place is a fireball, which again takes its toll on the melee members of the party (Nymvyr, Nefazia’s companion, Myr’Vrae’s pet Bob and K’eirnon). The vampire then reappears at the other end of the room near Myr’Vrae, Nefazia and Belar. Myr’Vrae lands magic missiles, Nefazia attacks the vampire, Belar sends arrows into the vampire and the melee brigade comes running across the room to engage the vampire at this end (minus K’eirnon and his spider, who stop to heal). Battle ensues, and then the vampire again dimension doors to the far end of the room and attacks Myr’Vrae with scorching rays while Belar is able to strike with arrows again from a distance. K’eirnon summons more elementals which engage the vampire, Nymvyr uses his barbaric speed and engages the vampire and the party starts making progress as the vampire seemingly is unable to teleport away again. The vampire attempts some very strong magic with the potential to slay a mortal in one fell blow, but the party is able to shake off the effects. And then the vampire’s moral vessel is slain, and the vampire’s body turns to a mist and vacates the room through cracks in the wall.

Cracks in the wall…this is familiar to K’eirnon, the secret room he’d discovered earlier with the coffin. It must be the vampire’s dwelling. The party rushes back to the stone wall near the room. K’eirnon summons eight earth elementals of varying sizes and he himself shapeshifts into an earth elemental and they earthwalk into the room en masse. The vampire is found in the coffin “sleeping” and the earthly elemental band removes the head and mutilated the body to ensure it would not arise again. Treasures are gathered, split up and the party begins its long walk home.

The way is confusing on the return trip, one tunnel is “no longer there” as sometimes occurs in the depths of the Underdark. Nymvyr, Belar and Belar’s spider are suspicious and situate themselves 30-40’ in front of the party for maximum sneakery. The party gets turned around a bit, in one massive cavern they encounter a colossal preying mantis and flee before it catches their scent. Belar is confident the party is on the right path, when Nefazia notices Myr’Vrae is acting a bit odd and her pet Bob is nowhere to be seen. Nefazia secretly notes this to K’eirnon (guarding the rear of the party), but he isn’t able to see a difference. Out front, Belar notices a spider-like creature in the cavern ahead. Nymvyr senses a sound as well. Belar signals the party to be silent, which is interpreted as “come up here, quickly”. The party argues in hushed tones for a surprisingly long period and when Belar and Nymvyr look back around the corner, the creatures are no longer visible. K’eirnon suggests the group form some sort of a plan, but anxious Nymvyr draws his blade and charges around the corner and into the cavern…with Belar quickly setting his bow and stepping out from the stone wall. K’eirnon stonewalks through the cliff face to shortcut towards the cavern, but stops short from emerging to summon earth elementals. Nefazia looks back, and notices Myr’Vrae who appears to be communicating in some manner with someone else. Nefazia and her companion move towards her, but Myr’Vrae begins levitating and disappears quickly from view.

Nothing confronts Nymvyr at the onset, until Belar pushes forward to join him…at which time a pair of large phase spiders appear around them and attack Belar. The party engages the phase spiders, but finds it difficult to do them damage. An enemy of Belar’s appears not far away and casts spells at Belar to slow him down. Before Nymvyr can react to this new attacker, a portable lightning cloud appears in amongs the battlers and sends small lightning bolts at those in it’s proximity. Nefazia searches quickly for Myr’Vrae to no avail. She and her companion charge forward to assist with the battle.

K’eirnon quickly emerges from the cliff face, he sends his earth elementals after the caster that’s attacking Belar and he summons a large black widow spider which he sends along with his pet to engage one of the phase spiders. Belar takes a fair bit of damage early on and is forced to switch to melee weapons to fight. Nymvyr is being haried by the lightning cloud, but is having some small success against one of the phase spiders when another wizard enemy of Belar appears further away in the cavern, elevated against one wall and behind a protective windwall. This second caster sends scorching rays into the battle, primarily targeting Belar. Nefazia sends her demon companion after the elevated caster while she heals Belar. K’eirnon summons air elementals and dispatches them against the elevated wizard while he engages the other phase spider on Belar. Nymvyr is able to attack the first caster which is partially hemmed in by the earth elementals. After a lengthy battle, the spiders are put down, Belar lands the fatal blow on the first of his enemies, and Nefazia’s companion was able to climb the cliff and drag the levitating caster down to the cavern floor where he could be further damaged and held for Belar to similarly deliver the fatal blow.

The party searches, but is unable to find signs of Myr’Vrae, despite the help of some additional summoned air elementals. Instead, the now dead enemies of Belar are stripped of their belongings (well, those of any worth at least) and left to rot where they lay. What has now become a very LONG day, ends with the party resting and then returning to Menzoberranzen where they turn in a portion of their treasure to the school, as is the ritual. One thing the party did not relinquish was their newfound hatred of the Mage known as Myr’Vrae…



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