All Trust is Foolish

All Trust is Foolish - 1st Session
Are You Not Entertained?

It’s approaching the annual festival of debauchery. All last year students are brought in and told we will be participating in an arena-type event. No potions or magical items are allowed, the goal is to incapacitate, not kill.

Belar De Ndar is fighting Malice (his sister), the Cleric is pit against his sworn enemy, and they paired the Wizard with the Barbarian who cleaved through her in one fell swoop almost as soon as the battle commenced. Brother and sister have a go, lasting a little longer than the Wizard, but eventually Belar proved to have a better tactical advantage. While K’iernon battles it out with his sorceress enemy, the rest of us who have been teleported out place wagers on the victor. K’eirnon proved a formidable fighter and summoner, but in the end, the sorcerer won.

After the arena is over, we are all told that one of our classmates (Unfortunate NPC) Ristel Antar, left the academy – something that is so unheard of it is practically taboo. We are to find and make an example of him and his family. They’re from the poor district of the city but everyone is supposed attend the academy.

The first place we go is to Ristel’s family house, aided by a well-intimidated orc (who doesn’t survive long). We are met with an angry drow man who fire balls everyone and runs like a bitch up the stairs. Speaking of, the daughter makes an appearance and is subdued by the paladin while we kill the father and two cowering young boys. We find a dungeon downstairs and manacle the mother in one of the cells. After some intimidations and torture she reveals to us the part of town Ristel used to hang out which is likely where we’ll find him.

All Trust is Foolish - 2nd Session
Friends in Low Places

As we learned from his mother before she was disposed of, Ristel can most likely be found near the Stench Streets. Except we have a blind barbarian on our hands that needs to be dealt with. We muse over the hilarity of leading the barbarian astray, but in the end we decide to return to Tier Breche for rest and recuperation.

It is there we leave the barbarian to his own fate and pick up a rogue who turns out to have connections in the Stench Streets – a bartender at a hole-in-the-wall locale that typically cater to the dredges of society. We arrive at the bar a little earlier than the rogue’s friend, so a few of us go off wandering. The rogue decides to go off upstairs to loot a chest of clothing and supplies from someone’s room. The ranger ends up meeting up with the rogue once finished with his perusal of the building’s perimeter.

Together, the rogue and ranger check all the rooms and find a secret door in one storage room. The rogue gets lightning blasted in the face as reward for his trouble.

Meanwhile, Myr and the remains of her dead brother walk into the bar and she orders a drink from the perplexed orc server. If Myr’s presence wasn’t enough, the small crowd was also greeted by a very inquisitive Malice. She bee lines right to the orc bartender who immediately withers under her sneer. She asks the orc where she can find Ristel. The orc says he saw him come in yesterday but can say no more. Dissatisfied with his lack of information, Malice grills into him; but the orc, already shaking in his boots, is unable to withstand the aura of pure hatred radiating from the anti-palidin. Thus, he is reduced to a pile on the floor in his own refuse.

Despite the lightning to the face, the rogue does find a hand-written missive pertaining to the Do’Urden. Once he and Belar De N’dar return to the bar, the rogue hands it over to Myr to read since it is in a language she specializes in. By this time, K’eirnon who had been monitoring the activity in the streets joins them. All is quiet as the low-life scum of the Stench Streets learn of the drow nobles invading their hang-out and the bartender friend is confused by that when he finally arrives. Bartender informs his rogue friend Ristel is downstairs and gives him a key ring.

As soon as we get downstairs all manner of hell break loose as Ristell is spotted at the end of a narrow hallway of doors. The next few moments ended in a series of epic events as first the Rogue forgot the key ring to open the door and his lock picking needed a little more practice – this allowed Ristel for fortify his troops – those being a druid friend with a scorpion. The keys are remembered, but as soon as the rogue opens the door, the scorpion has its way with him. Many rounds later, druid, scorpion and finally Ristel dies. It is noted that when Ristel falls to his death, there is a moment as a protective amulet dissipates and it is revealed Ristel was of good alignment. Turns out Ristel worshipped and bore a tattoo of Eilistraee.

As we begin to leave, Malice finds an assimar chained to a bed and kills her.

We return to Tier Breche and are told to explain to Myr’s enemy, Pharaun, what transpired. He orders us to say nothing of our task and leaves us to battle it out at another arena event. This time we five are teamed up. In a remarkable feat, we all manage to stay alive despite the odds pitched against us (barely in Myr’s case as yet another barbarian tries to have his way with her), and we come out victorious if a bit beat up.

All Trust is Foolish - 3rd Session
Old enemies and a celebratory piece of tail...

<flashback>…Myr offers the incriminating documents which she’d identified back to Nymvyr, but he declines for he has no perceived need for the documents. Myr tucks the documents within the folds of her robe to hold until disposition is decided upon. The party discusses how to proceed, but two members retreat a short distance away as K’eirnon and his brother Nymvyr exchange hushed, but heated words with one another and then separate in their usual cold manner…

The party decides to retire for the night, agreeing to meet first thing tomorrow morning at the school. All are on alert as both Belar and K’eirnon can sense eyes upon them, but are unable to locate the watchers. Malice and Belar return to their rooms at House Agrach Dyrr, Nymvyr to the Warrior Academy, and K’eirnon accompanies Myr to their rooms at the Magic Academy. The following morning, Malice must assist her House with a tasking so only Belar joins Nymvyr and K’eirnon at the aforementioned meeting place, but Myr is conspicuously absent from the meeting…

The group is growing increasingly concerned by Myr’s absence, when her necromantic companion (her resurrected brother Bob) suddenly arrives at the meeting place with a note pinned to his decayed flesh…“In trouble, need your help in the Sorceror summoning rooms. ~Myr”.

K’eirnon is able to enter the Magic Academy, his companions in tow receiving strained looks from the denizens therein, and the team arrives at the summoning rooms to find Myr trapped within a prison with no walls. She’s magically compelled to remain there, but is able to explain that she was ambushed by her arch nemesis the sorceress Val’Tran Baenre and two members of House Do’Urden—Dornae and D’Anati, a ranger and rogue-fighter in that order (K’eirnon sneers at the mention of these two enemies). Long story short, Val’Tran was paid to help the Do’Urden pair recover the incriminating documents and embarrass Myr.

Belar is able to secure information that House Do’Urden may keep a safehouse in an area referred to as Many Folk and the three men carefully make their way in that direction, Nymvyr in disguise. Along the way Belar again feels eyes upon them, but nothing noticeable occurs. Over the course of the day, Belar discovers the House Do’Urden safehouse and then spies the Do’Urden pair walking through the crowd. The party tracks them through the crowd back to House Do’Urden, but is unable to engage. The party retires for the night, but meet with Myr very early the following morning and set out to assault the safehouse.

Accidentally triggering the second trap on the entryway, the safehouse defenses spring up as a pair of Dire Lion gargoyles come to life and spread out to attack the party. One lion attacks Nymvyr, Belar and Belar’s spider atop the wall, while the other is met at the gate by Myr and K’eirnon along with their hastily summoned armies. A mighty battle ensues, Nymvyr is critically injured in the process and several members suffer at the hands of the lightning trap at the gate, but the animated stone lions are ultimately tamed in death.

The party healed up quickly, Nymvyr untraps the front door of the safehouse and again from within the foyer he untraps and unlocks a second door, but is hesitant to open it. K’eirnon listens at the door and hears motion within. K’erinon signals, and the party prepares for ambush, but K’eirnon is unable to open the door—something’s been wedged up against it on the other side. K’eirnon summons several earth elementals and sends them under the door to attack available targets using tremorsense and then he himself, in earth elemental form, enters the room from beneath to unblock and open the door. Battle commences between the party and the Cleric and Bugbear guards within—Myr and Belar take out the formidable Kitsune Cleric while a now enlarged Nymvyr, K’eirnon and the earth elementals are able to overcome the bugbears. Nymvyr, somewhat discreetly, is unable to resist his fetish desire to take possession of dead Kitsune Cleric’s cat-like tail, which he then attaches the backside of his own armor. The party quickly searches the rooms and takes possession of a host of weapons, potions and magic items before discovering a dungeon of sorts with several occupied cells below.

The party dispatches several slaves within the cells, but comes face-to-face with a giant undead spider whose outer shell is composed of many thousands of tiny spiders. Myr bravely attempts to befriend/command the Deathweb with her dark necromantic magics and succeeds! Meanwhile, K’eirnon decides to try the same underground trick that worked in the foyer and is himself caught and badly beaten by a prisoner Drider before the party and the Deathweb ultimately destroy the Strider and win the day. The documents are recovered, the party narrowly escapes the safehouse (which has drawn a host of local attention), and all is well in the kingdom…or is it?

All Trust is Foolish - 4th Session
Entering a new chapter, and taking the road less traveled...

As the team approaches it’s final season as students, the competition between schools and teams grows more competitive. Team pride is at an all time high as the team discovers it is ranked among the top five. Necromancer Myr is pulled aside to do important research with the wizardry school and Priestess Nefazia returns to the team following intensive training and research of her own. Preparations and battle tests are increasingly difficult too, with this latest test a no holds barred, no safety net employed battle scenario being no exception. The team was lined up in a mid-sized, closed dungeon opposite a curtain of intense darkness. The team spread out into battle formation and began combat preparations before the enemies revealed themselves…things erupted quickly as a Hellcat burst forth and charged one side of the team—Ranger Belar and Rogueish Barbarian Nymvyr. Belar and Druid K’eirnon’s spiders were quick to join the fray, as well as Nefazia’s hastily summoned large spider. Before the rest of the party could further encircle the hellcat, K’eirnon’s summoned earth elementals discovered an additional, invisible target using tremor sense and the battlefield is effectively split in two…

The second target, a Lamia Matriarch took the fight directly to Nefazia and her demonic familiar, but she was quickly joined by Cleric (Inquisitor in disguise) Malice, K’eirnon, and a number of summoned medium-sized spiders and earth elementals. The party was ineffective versus the Lamia at first, but with so many targets the Lamia grew vulnerable over time. Meanwhile, the Hellcat was ferocious, dealing out significant damage to the team members—while simultaneously nullifying many of the team’s attacks with it’s inborn defenses. Belar rained arrow upon arrow down upon the Hellcat while an enraged and enlarged Nymvyr engaged it at melee, along with the three large spiders. Nymvyr sustained mighty and devastating attacks, but at length was critically injured by the fury of the Hellcat’s attacks.

Unable to get across the room to aid Nymvyr, Nefazia and Malice continue to battle the Lamia Matriarch and slowly begin to make progress…

It is at this point, what remains of Nymvyr begins to fade from the world of Menzoberranzen. His lifeforce weakening, he beseeches the Spider goddess Lloth for another chance. His prayer is answered, but at great cost—a portion of his very soul, the balance of payment…

Belar is soon cornered by the Hellcat, but the large spiders have the Hellcat partially hemmed in. The attacks continue to be largely ignored by the Hellcat’s random incorporeality while the Lamia also shrugs off much of the damage brought to bare upon her, and consistently ignores magicks cast upon her as well. In the end, both creatures are unbound almost simultaneously. The party’s victory is celebrated by the school’s oversight panel and the party’s wounds are healed, to a degree. The school hosts a large celebration and pre-graduation ceremony to signify the successes of many students and teams. One of the group’s own, ranger Belar, is singled out and brought upon the stage for a great and dark ceremony…much of the going’s on were not visible from the party’s vantage point, but resulted in both Belar and his spider companion having been augmented slightly, but it remained difficult to determine in exactly what manner change had occurred. Belar was visibly worse for wear following the ceremony and continues to recover, albeit at a slow pace.

Following the fanfare, the party is taken to a quiet locale and informed they have earned the privilege of an important mission…to leave the relative security of Menzoberranzen and travel a 20-day journey into the depths of the underdark to investigate the reports of a Duergar Temple. The team leaves the following day, Nymvyr and Belar in the lead…towards the unknown reaches and untamed depths, to chase a mere rumor held aloft upon the wings of duty

Little foot traffic is encountered outside of a few isolated merchant caravans. Dangers are largely perceived and avoided (including a particularly dangerous Polar Spider infestation), and Belar’s survival and tracking skills are up to the challenge…but the party makes it only as far as a crossroads of sorts. Despite signs of battles past on the flagstones, Nymvyr and Belar lead the way within a pillared, high-ceilinged room that leads to an elevated platform complete with an ornate doorway and also a side passage that leads through a giant gecko stable to a portcullis which is, at this time, deployed in the closed position.

The party takes great precautions to determine the nature of the room, but share little success. Having failed to determine the nature of the room, the team takes up defensive positions while Nymvyr attempts to untrap and open the door. Three columns spring to life in the center of the room, caryatid columns, which immediately surround a nearby K’eirnon. At the top of the stairs, Nymvyr flees a mighty cephalophore for more defensible ground and is joined by Malice to receive it at melee…however, the cephalaphore has other plans and charges Belar instead, quickly stunning him. Belar’s spider intercedes to protect its master and takes serious damage in the process. Malice casts a spell or two at the cephalophore but is unable to overcome its strong magic resistance.

The party is forced to fight on three fronts, weakening their effective strength and the battle trudges on…the party taking it’s lumps while returning consistent damage as well. The caryatid columns damage weapons that have been used upon them and the party has to change its approach for success. Nefazia weakens all the caryatid columns with repeated, but effective negative energy bursts…slaying one outright and critically wounding the others. Malice and Nymvyr slay one of the remaining caryatids and and bring all their power to bare upon the cephalaphore…eventually crushing it to dust while K’eirnon and Nefazia’s demon companion treat the remaining caryatid to a similar fate.

Healing up, the party discusses whether to press on or make a camp of sorts…it’s now late in the day.

All Trust is Foolish - Episode 5 (The Clockwork Menace)
If you see this tomb a giant of a mess!

The heroic anti-heroes again “can’t say no to curiousity” and press on into the Duergar Temple after having healed up. In true Drow fashion, the party can’t agree on the direction to take so rogueish barbarian Nymvyr takes a hard left and leads the way into a long hallway with individual sleeping quarters all along the right side. While exiting one of the rooms, Nymvyr and ranger Belar notice a hidden magical rune on the wall. Further inspection reveals that is a hidden and magical mechanism that leads to a hidden room. Nymvyr summons an oversize spectral hand that untraps the door and he is able to enter the room. The room has a nicer bed than the others in the hallway, and this room’s chest is both locked and trapped. Nymvyr makes short work of the chest and retrieves the treasure. In the hallway it’s determined that there are more of the hidden/trapped rooms at intervals leading the full length of the hallway. Nymvyr champions the next room and it’s treasure much as the first, and by the third room it’s a bit obvious that the traps are gaining in power as the group moves further down the tunnel.

Nymvyr attempts to bypass the second room trap, triggering a summoning spell and the hall grows very crowded with an oversize stone giant suddenly in amongst the party. The giant shrugs off much of the damage he receives and clobbers away with his massive greatclub. Priestess Nefazia summons a deep hole beneath the giant to buy the group time to determine how best to fight the creature. Arrows and magic missiles rain down upon the giant while a medium earth elemental joins the fray at Druid K’eirnon’s command. Damage is slow to pile up on the stone giant and the big fella climbs up and out of the hole. Nymvyr, Nefazia and K’eirnon take steady damage and in a flourish K’eirnon narrowly avoids succumbing to the onslaught. Then as sudden as it began, the giant is slain and turns to dust. The party attempts to heal up —but instead, all members of the party are momentarily stunned as they are mentally assaulted by the goddess Eilistraee! The pain and sensation come to a quick close as the goddess Lloth protects her own, forcibly driving Eilistraee from their minds. The party hears through the pain Lloth scream of that which was stolen_. . The search begins, but with no obvious pathway the party resorts to what they know best…pressing forward.

The “rule of threes” makes a visit as Nymvyr fumbles the third trap…the party reluctantly heals up, having been struck by an Iceball area of effect trap. The chest within also relenqishes its treasure. The next trapped door is beaten by Nymvyr, but the party hears something approaching. A pair of clockwork soldiers attack, one crashing through a false wall to surround the party. The soldiers’ halberds do a lot of damage when they hit and the soldiers themselves have a knack to avoid really serious damage. Magic missiles and healthy dose of determination eventually defeats the clockwork soldiers…the party does what it does so frequently, this time with Nefazia’s help…and heals up.

A thorough search of the entrance level reveals there’s no life present. A couple bodies are found, including the lost ranger, also the Temple prayer room, a pool, a meeting room, a collapsed treasure room and a prison. K’eirnon and a few earth elementals were able to trigger the trapped treasure room, search the area and begin excavation efforts. Nymvyr entered the prison area and approached the much-deceased drow ranger, and the walls melt into hundreds of thousands of rot grubs which mass and charge him. Nymvyr triggers his cloak for a magically enacted_ expeditious retreat_ effect and narrowly misses certain death. The party can see the swarm at a distance and a healthy dose of magical fire damage quickly reduces the swarm to ash with no real damage experienced. The deceased ranger’s equipment is added to the party’s catch when Belar and Nymvyr accidentally trigger the simultaneous release of all the remaining prisoner cells…

Three undead kings emerge, one with glowing blue eyes dressed only in robes, another wielding a greatsword, a third carrying a spell book. These kings are a terrible scourge upon the underdark, any creature that comes near them flees in terror while others are simply teleported away. All summoned creatures and nearly all the party succumb to these difficulties one after another and the kings continue hacking away at those that remain. Belar and Myr’Vae battle at range raining down arrows and spells upon the kings while K’eirnon begins summoning critters that are mindless and free of fear affects. Nymvyr manages to return from his banishment by teleportation and rejoins the battle. Nefazia and her demon companion also fight at melee, Nefazia’s most effective spells are not useful against such foes.

The battle consumes many minutes and it appears the party has met its match when first one undead caster and then the greatsword wielding king succombs. The robed, blue-eyed one doesn’t give in easily but is finally brought down as well. The party is spent, requiring healing, sleep and an opportunity to regain lost spells. They search for a defensible spot to settle in for bit, one or two pull out spellsbooks to study, some recheck their armor and weapons, others simply sleep where they fall—to begin anew, soon. So very soon…

While somewhere not so far away, goddesses continue to plot and watch…

All Trust is Foolish - Episode 6
A golem by any other name...don't wind me up!

We’d been purposely avoiding the temple proper, assuming it was particularly dangerous. Set up for ambush, the party covered the pulpit from the two entrances in the hallway…Necromancer Myr summoned a winter wolf which searched the entire room without molestation. The wolf was directed to retrieve the magical book from the pedestal, which he dutifully performed and as soon as the book broke the plane of the entryway the hallway erupted with lightning, engulfing the party. A pair of stone columns within the temple crumbled, revealing a glass golem and a bone golem—which immediately charged the entryways. The bone golem closed quickly on barbaric rogue Nymvyr and druid K’eirnon, they were unable to barricade the door in time. The bone golem erupted eerily and an aura of bones closed on and encased Nymvyr and began crushing him. Nefazia rushed to Nymvyr’s aid while her demon pet unleashed a slew of damaging blows upon the bone golem.

Meanwhile the other entrance, guarded by ranger Belar and his pet spider and Myr and her undead minions fought the glass golem…Belar and Myr fought at range, Belar providing a barrage of arrows while Myr interplaced magic missiles and summoning spells. The glass golem was slow to take damage at the onset, Myr summoned a magical pit beneath the glass golem which damaged and took the golem from the fight for a brief time and this group peppered the glass golem with range attacks, weakening it. K’eirnon summoned a handful of earth elementals to join the fight against the bone golem while he rushed to assist the other battle front. Nefazia broke Nymvyr out of the bone casing, Nymvyr responded with severe damage to the golem, Nefazia’s pet proved to also be effective against the golem. Nefazia’s healing kept that team on their feet and eventually Nymvyr provided the final crushing blow, the bone golem exploding into bone shards…further damaging those in the immediate vicinity. Myr’s summoned undead minions held the glass golem at a distance, doing light but consistent damage in the process. Belar provided the final blow to the glass golem. In the aftermath, K’eirnon noted a resistance to spells cast in the temple…the party healed using healing rod’s instead.

Nymvyr led the way down the stairs to the lower level, coming to a crossing of two doors. Within the first, he was confronted with a large room seemingly filled with the bones of a great number of Duergar. Myr summoned a large frog within the mass and instructed it to cross to the far side. It didn’t make it as something unseen waivered up from beneath the now undulating pile of bones and snuffed out it’s life force. Nymvyr closed the door and untrapped the other door, revealing an angled hallway. The party entered and Nymvyr, while scouting ahead, triggered an attack from two pair of clockwork warriors. Due to narrow hallways, it was difficult to meet the clockworks on equal ground—K’eirnon took a short cut, melding through stone to the battle site—while doing so, the two smaller clockwork creatures ran from the battle down a hallway.Nymvyr, Belar and Belar’s spider tackled the warriors, Nefazia and Myr attacking with spells from the crowded corridor, Myr’s undead pet and Nefazia’s demon pet were able to close to melee as well. The two smaller clockwork creatures ran back into the room, soliciting attacks of opportunity from K’eirnon, but both managed to toss mage fire potions into the fray, damaging most of the party. K’eirnon, with the aid of Bull’s Strength was able to quickly defeat one of the smaller clockwork creatures and the remaining three were simultaneously destroyed immediately following. The party had taken mostly light damage and healed quickly.

The group discovers yet another stairway, leading downwards prior to the visible hallway. The party healed up quickly and proceeded down the stairwell to a pair of ornate and overly large doors. The party heard noises and prepared for battle by weapon and magic, and when they entered the room—were assaulted by four more clockwork creatures, one of which unleashed a fireball into the party. Nymvyr rushed to confront the caster clockwork creatures and two other clockworks surrounded him. One clockwork warrior quickly closed on Belar, tying him up at the entrance and dividing the party. K’eirnon and a handful of earth elementals along with Nefazia’s pet closed on the clockworks that were surrounding Nymvyr while he did battle with the magicking clockwork. Nefazia, Belar’s spider and Myr’s pet engaged the clockwork that was at melee with Belar. Myr attacked the magicking clockwork with spells, a summoned rhinoceros, and this clockwork mage creation was slippery…smartly evading flank set ups and serious damage, yet returning powerful fire spells on Nymvyr. The party cleared the room at roughly the same time yet again, taking moderate damage for their efforts. The room’s “whirring sounds” were the winding cells designed to recharge the location’s seemingly endless supply of clockwork creatures.

It took three members to get the oversized double doors to budge, and despite a great many fearful precautions having been applied…no danger was encountered.

And then…Belar’s spider started reacting strongly, as an earthquake shook the ground. Belar collapsed to the floor, as the poison in his veins temporarily overwhelming him. His spider disappeared through a hole in the wall caused by the earthquake, to expose a cavern behind. Despite Belar’s objections, his pet charged down the corridor—rapidly outdistancing the party. When Belar caught up to his pet, it was engaged in procreactive activity with a larger female spider. When finished, the female spider then consumed Belar’s pet…however, she then climbed down from her web, nuzzled Belar in a way only a spider would approve of (yuck!), and just as suddenly…wham, bam, thank you arachnid—Belar has a new pet!

All Trust is Foolish - Episode 7
An effective ambush...when harnessed energies attack!

Team Mayhem, now fully rested, selects the stairway down from the temple. The party plays it very safe, checking a great many deserted rooms and hallways for traps. Several chests relinquish their treasures to barbaric rogue Nymvyr’s “charms” and a rope bridge over swirling water proves an unnecessary climb. Druid K’eirnon discovers a secret room, but it is behind a stone wall and so no other member of the party is able to accompany him in earth elemental form to search it. A thorough search of the room proves uneventful. Nymvyr finds a room with a makeshift door and enters, discovering a number of chests of valuable fabrics. While searching the room, three chests and the door reveal themselves as mimics and attack Nymvyr. Ranger Belar attacks from the hallway with arrows while Priestess Nefazia and her demon companion are able to attack from the door.

Melee attacks are a “sticky” proposition as weapons are sometimes wrenched from their wielder’s hands by the sticky strands of the mimics. Nymvyr is closed in from several sides before he is able to maneuver to one side, Nefazia selectively channels negative energy which damages each of the mimics somewhat. Necromancer Myr is able to engage using magic missiles, while her undead companion Bob joins the battle from next to Nefazia’s pet. Myr is in the hallway next to Belar who continues raining arrows down on the two smaller mimics towards the front. Druid K’eirnon was initially at the back of the group in the narrow hallway when the battle began and has to take the longer, below ground, elemental-style approach and comes out of the floor directly behind the largest of the mimics (helping Nymvyr achieve flank position). A lengthy, unconventional battle ensues…the two smaller mimics are slain while the party remains minimally harmed for the most part. K’eirnon struggles to be effective from his position, but the whole party gangs up on the large mimic and quickly drops it as well.

The party bandages themselves up and continues searching the corridors for traps, secret doors, and signs of life. Finding little down below, the group comes up the stairs near the temple proper and ascends the remaining stairs. At the top of the stairwell Nymvyr comes to a pair of oversize doors, neutralizes the traps, and with a little help opens the doors. Inside, there is a landing that ascends additional stairs to a larger room with adjoining halls…bathed in painful, bright light. One of the party members suggests pulling a lever on the landing level, and with a majority vote upheld—the lever is activated, neutralizing the bright lights. Nymvyr, Belar and K’eirnon carefully ascend the steps to the previously lighted level and note the water fountain in the middle. While searching this level, Nefazia and Myr notice small motes of light travel wires associated with the lever, but before anything can be done to impede their progress several large lightning elementals spring forth from their makeshift prison onto the landing and take up battle with Myr, Nefazia and their companions. On the upper level, a huge lightning elemental escapes his prison as well and drops to it’s “feet” next to K’eirnon while a huge and large water elemental emerge from the fountain nearer to Nymvyr…forcing the party to fight from three different vantage points, and only through dumb luck is the large water elemental unable to position itself in a manner where it can reach a member of the party.

Belar rains arrows into the huge lightning elemental while his spider pet and K’eirnon’s attack it at melee. Nefazia and Myr and their pets have their hands full, Nymvyr now on the stairs between the levels splits his attacks between the huge water elemental above him and one of the large elementals on the lower level. K’eirnon summons and ice storm above the elementals on the upper level but is struck for significant damage by the huge lightning elementals and the spell fizzles before the desired effect manifests. The party is overwhelmed by the onslaught, their attacks aren’t particularly effective at the onset and several members began to despair…then Myr backs through the doors, down the steps so she can cast without receiving retaliation strikes and one of the elementals on the landing is slain, rending some rallying cheer from the party.

K’eirnon, and the two pet spiders take very heavy damage from the huge water elemental but with Belar’s help continue their onslaught, with more effectiveness (the pendulum begins to swing in the other direction). The second elemental on the landing is slain and Nefazia and Myr and companions climb the steps to join the other battle front. The huge water elemental is ultimately slain and the party is able to bring all members to bear on the remaining two elementals (the large water elemental had been untouched until this point). K’eirnon, badly bloodied and barely able to support his own weight moves into the wall to heal away from retaliatory strikes and when he next emerges…the remaining elementals have been slain. The group heals up and searches the hallways and rooms hidden among them, finding several caches of weapons and armor…which are stuffed into bags of holding and transported back to the excavated treasure room the party’s been using as a defensible resting sanctuary.

There are still several questions that remain unanswered about this temple and it’s current condition. Some few rooms with which we have not yet been able to enter. Still no sign of the key we’ll need to enter the final rooms near the pool. The group is thinking to themselves both individually and collectively…what have they missed?

All Trust is Foolish - Episode 8
The many faces of evil...and the party meets a creature of Legend!

__Team Mayhem rests up and Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr identifies and opens an offshoot door that exposes a stairway that goes up. Nymvyr pauses suspiciously after opening the door, and begins walking back towards the party. Belar asks “what’s up”, but Nymvyr ignores the question. The party suspects something is afoot when Nymvyr suddenly springs into a ferocious attack upon K’eirnon. Nymvyr’s suprise attack is brutal and accurate, severely injuring K’eirnon. K’eirnon’s spider retalitates and lands strong attacks as well and the battle is on. Nymvyr is eventually knocked into subconciosusness and effectively subdued by the party. He’s tied up and healed slightly, and claims he remembers nothing of the battle. Myr’Vrae poses that it was a trap on the door that mesmerized him. The party heals everyone else up, K’eirnon steadfastly refusing to heal his brother.

Nymvyr and Ranger Belar cautiously move ahead of the party and climb the stairs to their top and encounter large double doors. Nymvyr picks the lock, and he and Belar enter a large library with stone bookcases and tables of a different construction than Druergar would use. The remainder of the party climbs the stairway and begins to enter the room when Belar notices movement at the edge of his vision that might indicate an otherworldly ambush. The party quickly positions themselves to receive an attack as the doorway explodes inward at the far end of the library near Nymvyr, revealing a bony three-headed dog like creature. Nymvyr retreats to the more defensible center of the room while Belar and Necromancer Myr’Vrae attack the dog-like creature at range. Suddenly a ghost-like creature manifests nearby Belar and his pet spider, a sizeable distance from the dog. Priestess Nefazia and her demonic pet close on the ghost-like creature and the battle is on at two locations.

Druid K’eirnon’s summoned earth elementals arrive late to the party, but just in time for an approaching winged demon to swoop in and attack. K’eirnon’s pet spider climbs atop the table and webs the winged demon, forcing it to drop to the top of one of the massive stone book cases, well out of the reach of the party. Nefazia joins Myr’Vrae’s pet undead brother Bob and they both engage the ghost-like creature along with Belar and the spider, while Myr’Vrae and Nefazia’s demon companion attacks the three-headed dog in support of Nymvyr and the ghost like creature. K’eirnon, his spider and the elementals battle the demon with neither side gaining an advantage. K’eirnon summons a mighty hail storm, which successfully damages the demon, the dog, and unfortunately a third of the bookshelves in the room.

Nymvyr, the demonic companion and Myr’Vrae are then able to subdue the dog (Nymvyr later slays it) and Myr’Vrae turns to battle the ghost. The demon atop the bookshelf summons a doppelganger-like double, who then attacks Myr’Vrae (and gains the combative attention of Nefazia’s companion as well). After some time, the doppelganger demon is defeated, with Nymvyr’s help. The ghost-like apparition has taken it’s toll on Belar and his spider, but eventually succumbs when Nefazia’s companion joins in.

K’eirnon hears a noise that makes no sense, but can’t locate the source. Then suddenly a massive fireball explodes in the midst of the battle, slaying most of the summoned earth elementals, the much-injured winged demon, and injuring K’eirnon, Nymvyr, Myr’Vrae and Nefazia’s companion. The source of the fireball is a vampire that is forming from a mist at the far end of the room. Most of the party hurries to engage the vampire at that end of the large room while Belar and Myr’Vrae cast from distance and Nefazia heals the much-damaged Belar. When the party gets there, however, the vampire vanishes from sight and in his place is a fireball, which again takes its toll on the melee members of the party (Nymvyr, Nefazia’s companion, Myr’Vrae’s pet Bob and K’eirnon). The vampire then reappears at the other end of the room near Myr’Vrae, Nefazia and Belar. Myr’Vrae lands magic missiles, Nefazia attacks the vampire, Belar sends arrows into the vampire and the melee brigade comes running across the room to engage the vampire at this end (minus K’eirnon and his spider, who stop to heal). Battle ensues, and then the vampire again dimension doors to the far end of the room and attacks Myr’Vrae with scorching rays while Belar is able to strike with arrows again from a distance. K’eirnon summons more elementals which engage the vampire, Nymvyr uses his barbaric speed and engages the vampire and the party starts making progress as the vampire seemingly is unable to teleport away again. The vampire attempts some very strong magic with the potential to slay a mortal in one fell blow, but the party is able to shake off the effects. And then the vampire’s moral vessel is slain, and the vampire’s body turns to a mist and vacates the room through cracks in the wall.

Cracks in the wall…this is familiar to K’eirnon, the secret room he’d discovered earlier with the coffin. It must be the vampire’s dwelling. The party rushes back to the stone wall near the room. K’eirnon summons eight earth elementals of varying sizes and he himself shapeshifts into an earth elemental and they earthwalk into the room en masse. The vampire is found in the coffin “sleeping” and the earthly elemental band removes the head and mutilated the body to ensure it would not arise again. Treasures are gathered, split up and the party begins its long walk home.

The way is confusing on the return trip, one tunnel is “no longer there” as sometimes occurs in the depths of the Underdark. Nymvyr, Belar and Belar’s spider are suspicious and situate themselves 30-40’ in front of the party for maximum sneakery. The party gets turned around a bit, in one massive cavern they encounter a colossal preying mantis and flee before it catches their scent. Belar is confident the party is on the right path, when Nefazia notices Myr’Vrae is acting a bit odd and her pet Bob is nowhere to be seen. Nefazia secretly notes this to K’eirnon (guarding the rear of the party), but he isn’t able to see a difference. Out front, Belar notices a spider-like creature in the cavern ahead. Nymvyr senses a sound as well. Belar signals the party to be silent, which is interpreted as “come up here, quickly”. The party argues in hushed tones for a surprisingly long period and when Belar and Nymvyr look back around the corner, the creatures are no longer visible. K’eirnon suggests the group form some sort of a plan, but anxious Nymvyr draws his blade and charges around the corner and into the cavern…with Belar quickly setting his bow and stepping out from the stone wall. K’eirnon stonewalks through the cliff face to shortcut towards the cavern, but stops short from emerging to summon earth elementals. Nefazia looks back, and notices Myr’Vrae who appears to be communicating in some manner with someone else. Nefazia and her companion move towards her, but Myr’Vrae begins levitating and disappears quickly from view.

Nothing confronts Nymvyr at the onset, until Belar pushes forward to join him…at which time a pair of large phase spiders appear around them and attack Belar. The party engages the phase spiders, but finds it difficult to do them damage. An enemy of Belar’s appears not far away and casts spells at Belar to slow him down. Before Nymvyr can react to this new attacker, a portable lightning cloud appears in amongs the battlers and sends small lightning bolts at those in it’s proximity. Nefazia searches quickly for Myr’Vrae to no avail. She and her companion charge forward to assist with the battle.

K’eirnon quickly emerges from the cliff face, he sends his earth elementals after the caster that’s attacking Belar and he summons a large black widow spider which he sends along with his pet to engage one of the phase spiders. Belar takes a fair bit of damage early on and is forced to switch to melee weapons to fight. Nymvyr is being haried by the lightning cloud, but is having some small success against one of the phase spiders when another wizard enemy of Belar appears further away in the cavern, elevated against one wall and behind a protective windwall. This second caster sends scorching rays into the battle, primarily targeting Belar. Nefazia sends her demon companion after the elevated caster while she heals Belar. K’eirnon summons air elementals and dispatches them against the elevated wizard while he engages the other phase spider on Belar. Nymvyr is able to attack the first caster which is partially hemmed in by the earth elementals. After a lengthy battle, the spiders are put down, Belar lands the fatal blow on the first of his enemies, and Nefazia’s companion was able to climb the cliff and drag the levitating caster down to the cavern floor where he could be further damaged and held for Belar to similarly deliver the fatal blow.

The party searches, but is unable to find signs of Myr’Vrae, despite the help of some additional summoned air elementals. Instead, the now dead enemies of Belar are stripped of their belongings (well, those of any worth at least) and left to rot where they lay. What has now become a very LONG day, ends with the party resting and then returning to Menzoberranzen where they turn in a portion of their treasure to the school, as is the ritual. One thing the party did not relinquish was their newfound hatred of the Mage known as Myr’Vrae…

All Trust is Foolish - Episode 9
The party decides to take up mining...and Nymvyr is fed to a giant snake!

Details are fuzzy for K’eirnon, as he was unable to accompany the team on this adventure—perhaps Belar or Nymvyr have a stronger recollection?

Session 12 Story Points

Story Point 1 – Player knowledge not character knowledge

A lit stone room in a temple shows a wood bound stone chest covered in glowing runes. The runes seem to be blocking an evil presence emanating from inside the chest.

Story Point 2 – Player knowledge not character knowledge

Two hooded figures are having a discussion. A piece of parchment containing what seems to be portraits of Nymvyr and K’eirnon is exchanged hands along with what looks like a money pouch.

Story Point 3 – Belar character knowledge

Belar has a dream of a summoning chamber deep within House Dyrr. A circle of three mages forms a circle around a pentagram etched into the floor. Five more mages form another circle around the first circle. Ghaundan Dyrr can be seen surveying in the distance. Chanting ensues and candles burn as the air above the pentagram starts to take on substance. As the chanting peaks, a demon appears. It bellows and immediately throws itself against the protective first circle, which holds momentarily before the demon breaks through and massacres the first three mages. The dream fades.

Story Point 4 – Character Knowledge

As the group breaks camp and Nefazia, K’eirnon and Belar pray to Lloth for their daily spells, a sudden explosion of hateful energy radiates out from them and the group takes damage from chaotic energy. A vision of a 5 story tall spider with the upper torso of a beautiful drow female fills your head. You watch her destroying a city made of crystal that is under a purple sky. It is clearly not of the material plane. She seems to be searching for something as she lays waste to the city.


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