All Trust is Foolish

All Trust is Foolish - 2nd Session
Friends in Low Places

As we learned from his mother before she was disposed of, Ristel can most likely be found near the Stench Streets. Except we have a blind barbarian on our hands that needs to be dealt with. We muse over the hilarity of leading the barbarian astray, but in the end we decide to return to Tier Breche for rest and recuperation.

It is there we leave the barbarian to his own fate and pick up a rogue who turns out to have connections in the Stench Streets – a bartender at a hole-in-the-wall locale that typically cater to the dredges of society. We arrive at the bar a little earlier than the rogue’s friend, so a few of us go off wandering. The rogue decides to go off upstairs to loot a chest of clothing and supplies from someone’s room. The ranger ends up meeting up with the rogue once finished with his perusal of the building’s perimeter.

Together, the rogue and ranger check all the rooms and find a secret door in one storage room. The rogue gets lightning blasted in the face as reward for his trouble.

Meanwhile, Myr and the remains of her dead brother walk into the bar and she orders a drink from the perplexed orc server. If Myr’s presence wasn’t enough, the small crowd was also greeted by a very inquisitive Malice. She bee lines right to the orc bartender who immediately withers under her sneer. She asks the orc where she can find Ristel. The orc says he saw him come in yesterday but can say no more. Dissatisfied with his lack of information, Malice grills into him; but the orc, already shaking in his boots, is unable to withstand the aura of pure hatred radiating from the anti-palidin. Thus, he is reduced to a pile on the floor in his own refuse.

Despite the lightning to the face, the rogue does find a hand-written missive pertaining to the Do’Urden. Once he and Belar De N’dar return to the bar, the rogue hands it over to Myr to read since it is in a language she specializes in. By this time, K’eirnon who had been monitoring the activity in the streets joins them. All is quiet as the low-life scum of the Stench Streets learn of the drow nobles invading their hang-out and the bartender friend is confused by that when he finally arrives. Bartender informs his rogue friend Ristel is downstairs and gives him a key ring.

As soon as we get downstairs all manner of hell break loose as Ristell is spotted at the end of a narrow hallway of doors. The next few moments ended in a series of epic events as first the Rogue forgot the key ring to open the door and his lock picking needed a little more practice – this allowed Ristel for fortify his troops – those being a druid friend with a scorpion. The keys are remembered, but as soon as the rogue opens the door, the scorpion has its way with him. Many rounds later, druid, scorpion and finally Ristel dies. It is noted that when Ristel falls to his death, there is a moment as a protective amulet dissipates and it is revealed Ristel was of good alignment. Turns out Ristel worshipped and bore a tattoo of Eilistraee.

As we begin to leave, Malice finds an assimar chained to a bed and kills her.

We return to Tier Breche and are told to explain to Myr’s enemy, Pharaun, what transpired. He orders us to say nothing of our task and leaves us to battle it out at another arena event. This time we five are teamed up. In a remarkable feat, we all manage to stay alive despite the odds pitched against us (barely in Myr’s case as yet another barbarian tries to have his way with her), and we come out victorious if a bit beat up.

All Trust is Foolish - 1st Session
Are You Not Entertained?

It’s approaching the annual festival of debauchery. All last year students are brought in and told we will be participating in an arena-type event. No potions or magical items are allowed, the goal is to incapacitate, not kill.

Belar De Ndar is fighting Malice (his sister), the Cleric is pit against his sworn enemy, and they paired the Wizard with the Barbarian who cleaved through her in one fell swoop almost as soon as the battle commenced. Brother and sister have a go, lasting a little longer than the Wizard, but eventually Belar proved to have a better tactical advantage. While K’iernon battles it out with his sorceress enemy, the rest of us who have been teleported out place wagers on the victor. K’eirnon proved a formidable fighter and summoner, but in the end, the sorcerer won.

After the arena is over, we are all told that one of our classmates (Unfortunate NPC) Ristel Antar, left the academy – something that is so unheard of it is practically taboo. We are to find and make an example of him and his family. They’re from the poor district of the city but everyone is supposed attend the academy.

The first place we go is to Ristel’s family house, aided by a well-intimidated orc (who doesn’t survive long). We are met with an angry drow man who fire balls everyone and runs like a bitch up the stairs. Speaking of, the daughter makes an appearance and is subdued by the paladin while we kill the father and two cowering young boys. We find a dungeon downstairs and manacle the mother in one of the cells. After some intimidations and torture she reveals to us the part of town Ristel used to hang out which is likely where we’ll find him.


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