All Trust is Foolish

All Trust is Foolish - Gem Locations

After your decimation of the temple of Eilistraee, you have found the locations of the 4 remaining gems, however the location of the hilt is still unknown.

The gems are located as follows:

  • The kingdom of the Quenethelle Elves
  • The kingdom of the Ironspine Mountain Dwarves
  • The Sorceror’s of the Blackflame in Waterdeep
  • The Dragon Alarenara
All Trust is Foolish -- Episode 21 (interlude)
K’eirnon Duskryn…unraveling

The death of his hated father was not satisfying. He’d dreamt so much of vengeance for what his father had done, so much time wasted…burning hatred, machinations, just plain survival. So much drama, so much murder…in his House…in his school…in his family. What was the point? What was truly being accomplished? K’eirnon hadn’t fit in growing up, even his druidic class and skills were “far outside the norm” for drow. He got through school without much issue, but kept a low profile—fueled by hatred and the desire to not be minimalized, like many young drow. He felt like he fit in with Team Mayhem, but even that had degraded from a group struggling to find it’s identity and rise to a higher purpose…to just a team of hired assassins, being used or manipulated by ever more powerful persons in the political framework of Menzoberranzen.

Perhaps spending so much time in the form of an elemental, surrounded by elementals and their minimalistic ideals revealed certain truths to him. Perceptions of the world around him were…off. He was no longer content to be the anathema for which he’d been raised. As he experienced more in life, in conflict…he’d grown tolerant, distant, removed from the activities about him. The surface world is new, and felt…untainted, almost pure in contrast to the harsh world below. The meeting with Illestri had awakened something within him he hadn’t felt before.


He didn’t, couldn’t trust it at first—but her message was strong and K’eirnon had increasingly more difficulty arguing against it. It made more and more sense to him, softening his resolve. He realized he had an opportunity to shed the shackles of senseless violence, perpetual warring and posturing, and the continual need to watch over your shoulder for the deception that was always waiting just around the corner.

The others wouldn’t understand…this was a decision he had to make for himself. For the first time in his life…he would go TOWARDS the light…

All Trust is Foolish -- Episode 21
A host of surprises and a quiet betrayal…

Team Mayhem opens the door…eyes locked from across the room, K’lara Baenrae…is here! She’s a traitor!

Priestess K’lara, Sorceror Rook, and a brooding Druid K’eirnon begin casting…K’lara’s Ice Storm goes off first, catching the half of Team Mayhem that’s come in from the door. Two more enemies appear at the top of the stairs, one of Illestri’s Lost, a winged elven creature with sorcerous tendencies and a bug bear looking Monk. The two sides enter primarily a casting battle, controlling the field and limiting movement (particularly of Team Mayhem). Rook and K’eirnon are both low on spells however, and it limits their attacks after the first few volleys. Black Tentacles erupt from the earth, poison clouds trap and pursue, and Team Mayhem is faced with the first of three eventual blade barriers—but they refuse to be kept away. Eventually the two forces meet in the middle at the top of the stairs.

Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr engages Cleric K’lara Baenrae and nearly slays her, but turns away to fight the furry Monk who hit him several times with great effect. Rook targets the now flying Lost of Illestri, but her spell resistance is very strong. Druid K’eirnon and Priestess Nefazia’s demon companion engage Illestri’s Lost (along with several summoned air elementals). Ranger Belar-A has difficulty firing her arrows through the various traps that have her pinned (cloudkill and blade barrier), and struggles to be effective. Cleric K’lara Baenrae uses the opportunity to heal herself up.

Priestess Nefazia charges through the blade barrier and up the steps just in time to heal Nymvyr, who’s been taking a severe beating. Belar-A follows her lead and escapes to the bottom of the stairs, but turns to come to the aid of Rook who had collapsed under a barrage of deadly spells and was barely breathing. Rook is stabilized about the same time K’eirnon, the demon companion, and the air elementals slay Illestri’s Lost and Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr hits the Bearkin with a mighty blow that blinds him and severely reduces his effective defensive strategy. The Bearkin falls…

All of the party begins taking down Cleric K’lara…all except Druid K’eirnon. K’eirnon’s said nothing since coming to the temple. For that matter, he’s been quiet since the party hit the surface world. He’s just standing there, his arms at his side amidst the chaos of battle…taking in all the senseless destruction…so much collateral damage…so much loss. He’s been struggling in silence, an inner turmoil brewing and when Illestri softly speaks into his mind, comfortingly “Come child, it’s time to embrace your destiny…and bring K’lara with you”. At that moment, Cleric K’lara Baenrae collapses in battle and Team Mayhem begins healing and looting for items of value. K’eirnon hesitates a moment, then bends and takes K’lara’s motionless hand…it closes on his for just a moment, indicating at least a spark remains. K’eirnon looks back at those he had called friends…or what constitutes a facsimile of such in the drow world…for only a moment. He realizes his decision had already been made. He and K’lara escape into the floor…a warm, welcoming light is there to greet them…and just as quickly the Temple is gone from view.

Team Mayhem heals up, they look for K’eirnon…one or two of the party have a vague memory of K’eirnon slipping away and into the floor, the dead cleric in tow. They search a few moments, reaching out with mental focus but cannot detect him. This is concerning for the party at first, and perhaps maddening after a moment. They’re startled by a noise behind a nearby door. Nymvyr overcomes the door’s defenses and discovers a prisoner inside, one with a distant past shared by Nymvyr.

Belar-A recognizes the prisoner as well and is instantly suspicious. The prisoner is a student, a caster from the school in Menzoberranzen. Why is here? This is too convenient, trust will be hard-earned. Rook enters the room as well and aggressively questions the prisoner. Inquisitor Laereth explains he and his team were tracking the traitor K’lara Baenrae when he was captured. He’s unsure of the fate of the rest of his crew. He’s been tied and gagged here for six days, which more or less jives with Team Mayhem’s own timeline. Nymvyr opens the barred door and heads out to a locked door the party found in the other room. Rook pauses long enough for Laereth to quickly don his gear (hidden in a nearby chest) and they rush to the now open door leading up to the altar. The group had slain a pigeon keeper here, the team recovers a bird and reads the message “they have defeated the first temple and will suredly find the first of the crystals. I wish you well in your chosen tasks my brothers!”.

Team Mayhem combine their talismans and are able to open a great and magical chest sitting on the altar. They collect one of Lloth’s gem prisons from within. When they finished, Laereth defiled the altar…which in turn, dropped the magical defenses of the temple. Laereth casts the necromantic speak with the dead while Rook provides questions…the party gathers information as to the location of the remaining crystals—one is hidden with the surface dwarves, one is hidden with the surface elves, one is hidden with the Sorceror Guild in Waterdeep, and the last is possessed by an ancient dragon. Armed with this knowledge, the group bravely sleeps and recovers here in the defiled temple until morning.

As the group leaves the Temple in the early evening, they see Illestri’s avatar approaching them along the bridge…the only entrance or exit to the temple. She towers over the party, but one or two in the party realize something isn’t quite right about “her”. Inquisitor Laereth casts Invisibility purge and reveals two very capable demons off to the right. Nymvyr charges Illestri’s avatar and her visage changes, revealing a third, very large demon. Sorceror Rook casts Haste on the remaining party members. Battle ensues. Belar-A sends a barrage of arrows at the Illestri demon in support of Nymvyr while Laereth and Priestess Nefazia’s demonic companion charge the nearest of the two demons to the right…the mud-looking demon. Nefazia casts Prayer as support.

Laereth and the demon companion strike the mud demon for consistent damage, but it won’t go down. Meanwhile, the fourth demon does not charge into battle and the sizzle of dark magicks flare from its claws at Laereth, but cannot find purchase through Laereth’s spell defenses. Nymvyr is finding his demon particularly difficult to hit, and yet he does do damage. The demon responds with near-crippling damage upon Nymvyr. Rook casts repeatedly at the oversized demon fighting Nymvyr, but is unable to penetrate the demon’s natural defenses.

Belar-A senses that she is no longer alone along the left flank of the battle and a fourth demon reveals itself and attacks Belar-A. Laereth and demonic companion are effective, but the mud demon just won’t succumb. Finally the casting demon’s magicks find purchase, and Laereth’s ability to fight is severely hampered (loss of levels). Belar-A sends an arrow at the mud demon and is able to drop the creature, but the demon nearby manages to land magicks of it’s own, reducing Belar-A’s ability to fight in the same way as Laereth was affected. Priestess Nefazia is able to heal a sorely wounded Nymvyr, still standing toe-to-toe with the oversized demon—Nymvyr with help from Rook are able to drop this demon as well.

The battle tides have turned, Team Mayhem plus one are able to focus their efforts against the two remaining demons and are successful in relatively short order. Suddenly, in a booming voice, “You think you have won, but you have not…you continue to underestimate!” The demon that has been plaguing the party and attempting to end Belar-A’s existence is standing on the very top of the Temple steeple. He has grown much larger than before, and raises his bat-like wings against a backdrop of swirling darkness and thunder and leaps into the air…flying…away from the party, laughter trailing in his wake.

All Trust is Foolish -- Episode 20
To slay a dragon…wait, what? Now there’s two?

Team Mayhem sleeps in a magical domain of Priestess Nefazia’s ability to summon, and in the morning (I’m making waffles?) Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr snuck off into the Temple city to do some reconnaissance. When sneaking across the lone entry to the Temple, two dragons leapt from the steeple of the Temple and chased an eventual lightly cooked Nymvyr from the city. Team Mayhem buffed themselves maniacally before heading back in…stoneskin, spider climb, prayer, haste, invisibility, protection from fire…among others. The team stealthily approached the Temple from the underside of the bridge and successfully escaped the guard dragons’ notice…until the anti-magic columns stripped the team of their invisibility…

Enter the Dragon…both of the dragons leap into a freefall and prepare to attack Team Mayhem. Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr charged the landing dragon, crossing the courtyard, separating himself from the rest of the party. The crystal dragon landed amongst and attacked the remainder of the group near the bridge. Nymvyr did some damage to the first dragon and it quickly flew over to attack the party with the crystal dragon. An invisible attacker than savagely attacked Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr and their private battle had begun.

The dragons wreaked havoc, but the team gave back hard as well…slaying the crystal dragon. The remaining dragon then took to the skies and fled. Nymvyr had fared poorly with the Temple Monk, taking near-fatal damage—the rest of the party raced to assist against the Monk, yet she continued to dish out substantial damage. The Monk at one point turned invisible and fled, but K’eirnon was able to track her using tremor sense—much to his chagrin, as she hit him with devastating damage as well. Eventually the Monk was slain and the team healed up.

The assault on the temple begins, Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr attempts to disarm the trap at the door and the lightning trap knocks him unconscious. All healed up, the group enters the Temple and encountered no resistance on the first floor. Climbing the stairway the party triggered a hidden trap and several members of the group were either blinded or deafened. Scrolls and potions resolved these issues while Druid K’eirnon flowed through stone into the room above the stairs to avoid the trap. K’eirnon quietly opened the door to allow in the party from the hallway while the enemy meandered on the level above the stairway. Eyes locked from across the room, K’lara Baenrae…is here, and she’s a traitor!

K’lara and Team Mayhem begin casting…

All Trust is Foolish -- Episode 19
One member’s enemy makes it more than personal…

Team Mayhem pushes on through the underdark. Various visions come to them these days, visions of Most Foul Myr, undead necromancer recovering…not truly dead, nor truly alive in the typical sense. Visions of a cloudy group gathered secretly, claiming “I’ve taken care of it…they will be delayed”. Senses of being scryed upon. Feels like something’s definitely heating up.

Several members of the party hear noises in the distance. Over time, it’s determined that these are explosions. After some discussion, it appears the visions of “delays” are coming true and someone ahead is collapsing passageways. Team Mayhem is intent on covering distance quickly to catch up with the culprit when Ranger Belar-A notices a fake wall. A cavern is entrance is disguised by an illusion, effectively hiding the passageway. Belar-A rallies the party to readiness while Druid K’eirnon summons a handful of medium earth elementals and sends them ahead, under the illusion while he follows. On the other side, K’eirnon hears noises, but can’t isolate from where. He investigates several side passages and sends one of the elementals to bring the rest of the party forward.

Suddenly, most of the party is ambushed with a spell…giant black, leathery tentacles break free of the soil and tightly grasp anything it touches. Sorceror Rook, Ranger Belar-A and Priestess Nefazia were in the grasps of the dark tentacles, feeling it’s constrictive strength. Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr notice a spider on the cavern ceiling casting the spell and then retreating into a crevice in the rock formation. The team fought some mid-sized spiders and eventually fought free of the tentacles, but were unable…or unwilling to pursue the culprit. It was later determined the caster was one of House Dyrr, an Arachnomancer…or a wizard with the ability to shape shift into a spider. Druid K’eirnon was able to scry this individual and determine he had teleported back to Menzoberranzen.

The adventurers traveled the better part of week and eventually came to a level very close to the surface. This area was crossed by a raging river and some ruins. Upon close inspection, there were spider crabs hanging from the cavern ceiling and they were racing down to attack. Druid K’eirnon, in the form of an air elemental flew up to destroy them while Ranger Belar-A and Barbaric Rogue investigated the river. The river had a really dangerous vibe to it, and was flowing incredibly fast—so the party managed to stretch a rope between the ruins and the near shore to cross the river. Priestess Nefazia’s demonic companion elected to swim across and was promptly attack by a pair of massive mythological crab-like creatures with additional eyes and brains along the length of it’s legs. Nymvyr was last in line to cross by rope, so while preparing to attempt to save the demon, a third creature of legend crawled free of the river and attacked. As Nymvyr charged in, sword raised—the creature mesmerized him, causing Nymvyr to lose his memory and subsequently his purpose. They battled toe-to-toe nonetheless, as we would expect nothing less from the barbaric rogue. K’eirnon finished off most of the crab-spiders and came down to the ruins to join the battle and began summoning. The two initial crab creatures ignored the demon and attacked the ruins side of the river. Ranger Belar-A, Sorceror Rook and Priestess Nefazia stood toe-to-toe with the crab creatures, joined by Nefazia’s demon companion. K’eirnon and his summoned Stone Giant flanked the Creature of Legend with Nymvyr. After a long, drawn out battle Team Mayhem slew all but on of the horrors, the last fled deep within the raging waters. They climbed the long stairway to the surface, hiding items of their own within the rock near the entrance as a source to scry if the path was hidden upon their return. Sorceror Rook produced the map and the party began in the direction of a Temple that Nymvyr was drawn to, drawn by the spider entity placed within him by none other than Lloth herself…

As Team Mayhem observed an entity walking towards them in the darkness from afar. It was determined to be larger than human, even at this distance. The party took up hiding places, all except Nefazia (later joined by K’eirnon). The entity was the goddess Illestri’s avatar. She was aware of the party locations, despite their attempts. She attempted to be hospitable, calling into being a table filled with luxurious foods and promising to not attack…she claimed to be there only to talk. Her tone was direct, she asked if any would consider joining her cause…to reunite the banished drow elves with the surface elves. Her answer was multiple attempts to attack her by Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr and Ranger Belar-A. Though none of the attacks were effective, the attacks continued until she grew tired of them and with a wave of her hand “washed away the animosity”.

Team Mayhem did not yield, and the Avatar sullenly returned back up the road from when she’d arrived, back towards…the Temple, only now visible in the distance (and the probable location of the object for which they’d journeyed so far…)

All Trust is Foolish - Episode 18
A death in the Family…and then another

The scene opens upon the House Duskryn awards event, the House rewarding Nymvyr and K’eirnon’s estranged father with the bestowal of special armor. Several minutes into the ceremony, their father drops dead. While she appears outwardly indifferent to the event, K’eirnon senses something much more significant had been present between X’ainabet Duskryn and his now dead father. K’eirnon makes a mental not…food for thought later on…

Team Mayhem split up following the Duskryn House event, Sorceror Rook and Druid K’eirnon go to the school library in search of intelligence about Demons, Demonic summonings, etc. Try as they might, they learned nothing of any value and begin studying Rook’s map of the surface. Ranger Belar-A, Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr and Priestess Nefazia go gear hunting. Belar-A picks up his…her new bow, Nefazia picks up several magic items, and the three of them pick up useful potions and scrolls for supplies for the trip to the surface. Both groups meet back up and compare notes. Nymvyr remains restless. When questioned, he gets agitated and leaps to his feat…his eyes grow cloudy as he enters a rage, and a large spider emerges from his body and paces about. Nymvyr slips into a trance, while the spider shows interest in the same general direction as Nymvyr seems drawn to. Among other things, the passage which garners their interest IS one passage to the surface (according to vague sources). Belar-A tries to pull Nymvyr from his trance, even shakes and slaps him..but he doesn’t come to. After what seems like only minutes, the spider-thing…climbs back into Nymvyr, or perhaps more appropriately…it is absorbed back into Nymvyr and he comes to from the trance, although still out of it.

This merely adds more questions to those the party isn’t able to answer. Belar-A suggests, “We need to find out more about MyrVrae Most Foul and my twin sister Malice. Rumors are that they’ve been spending a great deal of time together, perhaps we can use that to our advantage”. Team Mayhem sets out to find them, but they’re harder to find than they could have expected. About this same time, various members of the group start feeling like they’re being scryed upon…but not quite that either. As the group exited a building down town, Druid K’eirnon saw Most Foul Myr’Vrae, her undead companion Bob, and Malice approaching and Myr’Vrae was already casting. Two mummies appear in front of Team Mayhem and attack. A long a drawn out battle ensues, Rook manages to Keep Most Foul Myr’Vrae off her feet…literally, with incident trips as a result of his attacks. One of his spells doesn’t react the way he expects, and he comes to the realization the Myr’rae is no longer a “living being”.

Malice waded into battle with a great many spells upon her, it was very difficult to hit for damage and make the damage stick. Priestess Nefazia buffed the party to turn the tides of battle. Other summons joined Malice, Bob, and the mummies on the attack. Druid K’eirnon summoned large lightning elementals to complicate the enemies’ desires. Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr took substantial damage while dishing that and more out, but he was in danger of checking out permanently, but Priestess Nefazia decided that wasn’t an appropriate end for Nymvyr at that point of the battle and restored his health. Ranger Belar-A sent a great many arrows at her sister’s countenance. Most hit for very solid damage, but Malice’s health did not deteriorate greatly for a long while. Nefazia’s demon pet dished out consistent damage to a mummy and ended it’s rebirth. Ranger Belar-A managed to drop an otherworldly being that could not be hit on this plane, while her pet spider contracted a bad case of mummy rot.

Sorceror Rook cast a spell that Myr’Vrae could not avoid, large black tentacles sprouted from the ground and grappled Myr off her feet. K’eirnon and one of the lightning elementals gained position on Myr and began hammering away…and continued to do so, but less effectively once Myr cast a deepest darkness spell that covered a 6 block radius. Undead minion Bob exploded when he died, dealing damage to all that were in his vicinity. The other mummy fell, and only Malice remained standing…but now showing serious damage. Rook tripped Malice as well, and she fell to the host of lightning elementals, to Ranger Belar-A’s dismay. Myr fell, but it was…different. All of the enemy thwarted, Belar-A borrowed a bag of holding from Nymvyr and loaded her sister and her former belongings into it. While she didn’t say it, some present thought that Belar-A may be harboring other plans for her sis. Myr’s body had turned to dust when she…it…died, and began blowing in the wind. Rook suggested that she is likely still alive…another puzzle to tackle. K’eirnon gathered up her belongings and shortly thereafter dumped them into the Menzoberranzen lake of myth, a more and more frequent occurrence these days. Belar-A

Team Mayhem meets up the following day, sensing an increased urgency to pursue Lloth’s weapon and the injustice wrought upon her…it’s agreed the group must go to the service—a point repeatedly driven home further by Nymvyr’s spider “infestation”. The group doesn’t know specifics about his condition, this…entity possession…but all among them sense that it’s something to do with Lloth’s will, and it’s a message that probably shouldn’t be ignored. Rook and K’eirnon researched what little was available in the Magic School library, Rook paid an exhorbitant price for a good map…and the rest of the party geared and provisioned up, readying to set out to reach the surface.

Along the way, Team Mayhem stumbled into a pocket cavern that contained an underground lake well lit by luminent lichen. A colony of miconid mushroom people inhabited the area, with some serious carnivorous plants as guardians. The plants would engulf beings, form a “seed” in their belly—a hybrid of the plant creature itself and the ingested being, which would then be vomited forth to become a new creature. In typical Team Mayhem fashion, observation turned to interest, interest to contact, contact to slaughter. The Guardians were massive and fought furiously, but Team Mayhem overcame. One creature managed to flee through the lake while Team Mayhem was unable to find an obvious way out towards the surface and had to retrace it’s steps out of the cavern and to find a new path.

All Trust is Foolish - Episode 17
Luck finally on our side…a dinosaur with a stomach ache

Team Mayhem escapes the underground city and makes it’s way out of the pocket world by the most direct path, avoiding roads and paths and plunging through the wild. Belar-A finds a defensible grove with towering trees to spend the night. Not long after arrival, Belar-A senses the large Tyranosaurs are making their way towards the grove at high speed. Ranger Belar-A and Druid K’eirnon send their giant spider pets vertically up the trees for relative safety while everyone else prepares for a defensive battle. Priestess Nefazia begins casting a bless spell while Druid K’eirnon begins casting a summoning spell. Sorcerer Rook sends a fireball into the leading Tyranosaur, but it is partially dodged by the creature. Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr activates his totem’s magic and places an enlarge spell upon himself. The approaching Tyranosaur towers over the party, and is extremely fast to boot, reaching melee in just a few steps.

Ranger Belar-A rains arrows in on the first Tyranosaur just as a second Tyranosaur enters the clearing. Druid K’eirnon’s spell goes off and a trio of large, 18’ Acid Elementals appear immediately adjacent to the first Tyranosaur. The first Tyranosaur swipes at and engulfs one of the acid elementals as Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr enrages and charges across the clearing towards the first Tyranosaur. Belar-A yells, “I sense something else approaching, but it’s different than the Tyranosaurs. Druid K’eirnon, still in large Obsidian elemental form, sinks into the earth to attempt to sense from which direction this new threat is approaching. Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr spins and attacks the second Tyranosaur, who responds in kind and engulfs Nymvyr on its first attempt. The first Tyranosaur roars in pain and vomits up the acid elemental it had swallowed and the other two acid elementals continue to attack. Sorceror Rook dimension doors himself away from melee with the first Tyranosaur, and lands near Belar-A. Almost immediately the massive Demon <insert name="true"> that’s determined to enslave Bela-A and has fought the party before arrives behind him…errr…her. (NOTE: Ranger Belar was cursed several episodes previously and is currently a Drow female).

Priestess Nefazia casts another buff spell on the party and her demon companion charges the massive demon, but as always, the enemy Demon is a very difficult opponent to hit or damage. Sorcerer Rook casts a spell at the massive Demon, but it’s mostly shrugged off. Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr fights feverishly from inside the second Tyranosaur and is vomited up and out, landing miraculously on his feet. The first Tyranosaur succumbs to one of Ranger Belar-A’s arrows and then she turns to engage the enemy demon with he other arrows, to little effect. K’eirnon emerges from the earth, sends the elementals to engage the surviving Tyranosaur and then charges the massive demon. The enemy demon disappears from view as it teleports across the camp to behind Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr and attacks, doing substantial damage. Priestess Nefazia crosses the camp to perform a Heal on Nymvyr who is in very bad shape. The acid elementals do quite a bit of damage to the Tyranosaur and sustain a number of serious attacks in response. Ranger Belar-A contines to fire her bow at the enemy demon and starts getting damaging shots to land. There’s a flurry of activity that results in the death of the remaining Tyranosaur and before the party can finish off the Massive Demon, yet again, it fades from existence and escapes death a second time.

Team Mayhem successfully makes their way back to Menzoberranzen and sell off their compiled treasures. Ranger Belar-A and Druid K’eirnon commision magical armor be made for them, but the entire party is whisked away to an important meeting held for all the Drow nobles in the city. The party notices faces both familiar and hated in the gathering, but none more hated than Most Foul Myr’Vrae. She appears both terrible and radiant, with an arrogant confidence that makes all that know her grind their teeth in earnest fury. Her undead companion, her brother, no longer a simple skeleton but clearly a more advanced, mummy-like undead entity now…an unknown quantity. She grins happily at Belar-A’s plight, her eyes dancing merrily with an evil light. “She will die, painfully and soon” Belar-A whispers quietly. Nymvyr nods his head in agreement, “…she will most certainly die”.

The gathering is informed of an unknown issue that is affecting Spider Queen Lloth’s strength and ability to lead. This comes as a big surprise to most present, but not Team Mayhem…for they know first hand of what has come to bear, and perhaps even an idea of what is still yet to come. An argument breaks out in the team, an argument determining what should perhaps be revealed, what perhaps should not be revealed, or if the issue at hand should be ignored for the time being while the party might move in the direction of fixing it themselves. Belar-A excuses herself to perform a personal task, and Nymvyr reveals that a plan he set into motion long ago must now be executed. He asks the remaining members…Nefazia and K’eirnon for their assistance, sight unseen. “If you’ll excuse us”, Nymvyr nods to Belar-A, and they’re away.

Nymvyr and K’eirnon’s father, an enigma and hated enemy for his betrayal of their mother and his subsequent alliance with their tainted aunt, is receiving a gift for his loyalty and service…a set of magical armor, singular in it’s brilliance. But is not unique, for Nymvyr had negotiated a second set of armor to be made in it’s identical image, only this new armor has a dark secret…a deadly secret. To make the switch and slay their father, the armor will need to be switched with the original, kept deep within the armory of House Duskryn. Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr stands at the armory door, having disabled all traps through the hallways that lead to this sacred place. “There will be guards” he whispers without sound.

Druid K’eirnon is in a neutral shape he’s not used before, a powerful creature…a dire tiger. He quietly casts mass spiderclimb on the party and then drinks a potion…and slowly disappears from view. Sorcerer Rook and Priestess Nefazia make combat preparations as well and Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr reaches to disable the final trap…PPPFFFFZZZzzzztttt. The armory door swings open, but Nymvyr has been both damaged and partially stunned by an electrical trap. Druid K’eirnon charged through the door and quieter than a feather comes ever so short of reaching one of the guards that are present. The Swashbuckler guard senses K’eirnon’s presense, and spins…but can’t make out the invisible Tiger. Swashbuckler pulls a pair of swords and stalks towards the open door and K’eirnon ambush attacks from hiding! The swashbuckler expertly dances to the side at the last moment and avoids the attack and responds with an attack that slashes Tiger K’eirnon’s flanks with frightful results, leaving ragged slices in the blade’s wake. Nymvyr recovers and charges the swashbuckler between the two brothers and a frightful battle ensues.

Sorcerer Rook enters the room cautiously and sees only the fierce battle raging. He does not see the hiding, but watchful eyes of the second guard. The swashbuckler guard attacks and damages Nymvyr for a great deal of damage with his Drow Bane blade. Preistess Nefazia rushes in to heal Nymvyr while he in turn takes the attack to the difficult to hit swashbuckler. The second guard charges Sorcerer Rook with a two-handed sword raised above his head, Rook manages to quick cast a short-range teleport spell to relative safety the far side of K’eirnon. K’eirnon sees that Nefazia is vulnerable to the second guard and K’eirnon runs up the wall (spider climb) and leaps at the second guard, but misses cleanly. Rook and Nymvyr take down the swashbuckler and the entire party focus their attention on the second guard, also surprisingly difficult to strike and damage. The second guard was elusive and performed short-range teleports which countered the party’s more common battle tactics. In the end, four members versus the single guard…the power of numbers won out. Nymvyr switched the armors as planned, and K’eirnon stuffed the guards and their belongings into his bags of holding for later disposal. The party then sneak back out of the tower and all but K’eirnon meet-up with Ranger Belar-A to develop a new plan to pursue the objects that might restore Spider Queen Lloth to power.

K’eirnon flies quietly out over the lake…and stares into the depths…so dark, so deep, so mysterious. He is in black Gryphon form, his bags of holding clutched in his own talons, he swings low to the water’s surface and pulls the swashbuckler out of the bag and drops him into the water. The body hangs there, lifeless, but strangely not so for just a moment before it slips into the darkness. K’eirnon gryphon places the other guard and both guard’s weapons into the depths as well and then flies low and quietly to the far side of the lake before returning to the hard ground and ultimately to the team’s meeting place. He ponders to himself the action of hiding bodies in the lake…it wasn’t the first he’d this same thing, but everything seems to matter just a bit more lately. Pieces continue to be moved across this fateful chessboard at the level of the gods. K’eirnon wonders anew at the quandary…”are we just pawns in this battle, or does the Spider Queen have a different plan for us…”

Session 17 - Story Points

After a long hiatus our evil adventures have returned.

Story Point 1 – Player Knowledge

Myr’Vrae, Malice and Myr’Vrae’s animated dead brother Bob are seen walking through the Menzoberranzan district of Many Folk. They seem to be deep in conversation. Bob has quite a different look as fire can be seen dancing along his bones. As all Drow, they look to be up to no good.

Story Point 2 – Player Knowledge

A Galleon ship can be seen in an underground harbor. It is being loaded with boxes and goods in a rush as it is clearly almost ready to sail. The boxes seem to be marked with a burned indention of a curved sword.

Story Point 3 – Character knowledge.

A beautiful 10 foot tall dark elf maiden, scantily clad with an Elven curved blade sheathed on her back, stands beneath a full moon. A huge stone alter stands before her pulsing with chaotic energy. Chanting can be heard from the priests circled around her. Your view changes as you see an impossibly large 5 headed snake whip strapped down to the alter. They hiss and pulse with hatred, seething to break free. The maiden picks up a massive 2 handed maul and strikes down on the hilt on the whip. It shatters and the snakes dissolve into mist and 5 huge rubies now sit atop the alter. You all wake up prone on the ground.

All Trust is Foolish - Episode 12

After spending some time discussing the best coarse of action on finding out more about the ever building plot that K’eirnon and Nymvyr have found themselves in. The party had come up with two reasonable ways of attaining more info without brining the issue to others. Rook gave us the name of the party member that turned his back on him and his former group and barley escaped retribution. Unfortunately all attempts to find his location had failed. With few other options the party decided to investigate the road and whereabouts of fabled city Feyerlum.

From the maps they received, and the distance believed it would take, the group turned to the school for a little teleportation assistance to shave off a week from there journey.

After traveling a few days, the group came upon a large cavern. It was believed that this cavern was along the right direction to the city and so the party investigated. It was apperent that the cavern was occupied by another group as a large fire was seen in the distance. Rook cast invisibility on Nymvyr to scout out the situation. after scouting the area, Nymvyr reported that the camp was occupied by a group of Asian adventurers that were using an old fortification as there camp. A plan was formulated and an ambush was set up. Rook cast dimension door on himself and Nefazia, along with her pet. k’erirnon transformed into an earth elemental and waited just under their feet. Nymvyr was still invisible and readied himself next to what he thought was the biggest threat. Belar and his pet waited on the wall invisible until everyone was ready.

The good adventures were caught almost completely by surprise. with some quick thinking by Rook placing a Black Tentacle spell in the mist of the group, their mobility was slowed significantly. Belar rained arrows down, Nymvyr raged and cut one almost in half, Rook attempted to take the air out of the lungs of a few, K’eirnon rained down fire from above, and Nefazia unleashed unholy energies upon them. keeping them on the defensive proved to be their undoing as the party kept hammering spells, blows, and arrows into them until one by one they fell.

After the last of the foes fell in battle, the group rummaged through their bodies and took what they believed to be of value. As they were wrapping up, a powerful spell went off a short distance away and a Demon appeared. This happened to be the same demon that Belar saw in a dream.

What will the party do next………….we will have to wait and see

Session 12 Story Points

Story Point 1 – Player knowledge not character knowledge

A lit stone room in a temple shows a wood bound stone chest covered in glowing runes. The runes seem to be blocking an evil presence emanating from inside the chest.

Story Point 2 – Player knowledge not character knowledge

Two hooded figures are having a discussion. A piece of parchment containing what seems to be portraits of Nymvyr and K’eirnon is exchanged hands along with what looks like a money pouch.

Story Point 3 – Belar character knowledge

Belar has a dream of a summoning chamber deep within House Dyrr. A circle of three mages forms a circle around a pentagram etched into the floor. Five more mages form another circle around the first circle. Ghaundan Dyrr can be seen surveying in the distance. Chanting ensues and candles burn as the air above the pentagram starts to take on substance. As the chanting peaks, a demon appears. It bellows and immediately throws itself against the protective first circle, which holds momentarily before the demon breaks through and massacres the first three mages. The dream fades.

Story Point 4 – Character Knowledge

As the group breaks camp and Nefazia, K’eirnon and Belar pray to Lloth for their daily spells, a sudden explosion of hateful energy radiates out from them and the group takes damage from chaotic energy. A vision of a 5 story tall spider with the upper torso of a beautiful drow female fills your head. You watch her destroying a city made of crystal that is under a purple sky. It is clearly not of the material plane. She seems to be searching for something as she lays waste to the city.


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