All Trust is Foolish

Session 17 - Story Points

After a long hiatus our evil adventures have returned.

Story Point 1 – Player Knowledge

Myr’Vrae, Malice and Myr’Vrae’s animated dead brother Bob are seen walking through the Menzoberranzan district of Many Folk. They seem to be deep in conversation. Bob has quite a different look as fire can be seen dancing along his bones. As all Drow, they look to be up to no good.

Story Point 2 – Player Knowledge

A Galleon ship can be seen in an underground harbor. It is being loaded with boxes and goods in a rush as it is clearly almost ready to sail. The boxes seem to be marked with a burned indention of a curved sword.

Story Point 3 – Character knowledge.

A beautiful 10 foot tall dark elf maiden, scantily clad with an Elven curved blade sheathed on her back, stands beneath a full moon. A huge stone alter stands before her pulsing with chaotic energy. Chanting can be heard from the priests circled around her. Your view changes as you see an impossibly large 5 headed snake whip strapped down to the alter. They hiss and pulse with hatred, seething to break free. The maiden picks up a massive 2 handed maul and strikes down on the hilt on the whip. It shatters and the snakes dissolve into mist and 5 huge rubies now sit atop the alter. You all wake up prone on the ground.



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