All Trust is Foolish

Session 12 Story Points

Story Point 1 – Player knowledge not character knowledge

A lit stone room in a temple shows a wood bound stone chest covered in glowing runes. The runes seem to be blocking an evil presence emanating from inside the chest.

Story Point 2 – Player knowledge not character knowledge

Two hooded figures are having a discussion. A piece of parchment containing what seems to be portraits of Nymvyr and K’eirnon is exchanged hands along with what looks like a money pouch.

Story Point 3 – Belar character knowledge

Belar has a dream of a summoning chamber deep within House Dyrr. A circle of three mages forms a circle around a pentagram etched into the floor. Five more mages form another circle around the first circle. Ghaundan Dyrr can be seen surveying in the distance. Chanting ensues and candles burn as the air above the pentagram starts to take on substance. As the chanting peaks, a demon appears. It bellows and immediately throws itself against the protective first circle, which holds momentarily before the demon breaks through and massacres the first three mages. The dream fades.

Story Point 4 – Character Knowledge

As the group breaks camp and Nefazia, K’eirnon and Belar pray to Lloth for their daily spells, a sudden explosion of hateful energy radiates out from them and the group takes damage from chaotic energy. A vision of a 5 story tall spider with the upper torso of a beautiful drow female fills your head. You watch her destroying a city made of crystal that is under a purple sky. It is clearly not of the material plane. She seems to be searching for something as she lays waste to the city.



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