All Trust is Foolish

All Trust is Foolish -- Episode 21 (interlude)

K’eirnon Duskryn…unraveling

The death of his hated father was not satisfying. He’d dreamt so much of vengeance for what his father had done, so much time wasted…burning hatred, machinations, just plain survival. So much drama, so much murder…in his House…in his school…in his family. What was the point? What was truly being accomplished? K’eirnon hadn’t fit in growing up, even his druidic class and skills were “far outside the norm” for drow. He got through school without much issue, but kept a low profile—fueled by hatred and the desire to not be minimalized, like many young drow. He felt like he fit in with Team Mayhem, but even that had degraded from a group struggling to find it’s identity and rise to a higher purpose…to just a team of hired assassins, being used or manipulated by ever more powerful persons in the political framework of Menzoberranzen.

Perhaps spending so much time in the form of an elemental, surrounded by elementals and their minimalistic ideals revealed certain truths to him. Perceptions of the world around him were…off. He was no longer content to be the anathema for which he’d been raised. As he experienced more in life, in conflict…he’d grown tolerant, distant, removed from the activities about him. The surface world is new, and felt…untainted, almost pure in contrast to the harsh world below. The meeting with Illestri had awakened something within him he hadn’t felt before.


He didn’t, couldn’t trust it at first—but her message was strong and K’eirnon had increasingly more difficulty arguing against it. It made more and more sense to him, softening his resolve. He realized he had an opportunity to shed the shackles of senseless violence, perpetual warring and posturing, and the continual need to watch over your shoulder for the deception that was always waiting just around the corner.

The others wouldn’t understand…this was a decision he had to make for himself. For the first time in his life…he would go TOWARDS the light…



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