All Trust is Foolish

All Trust is Foolish -- Episode 20

To slay a dragon…wait, what? Now there’s two?

Team Mayhem sleeps in a magical domain of Priestess Nefazia’s ability to summon, and in the morning (I’m making waffles?) Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr snuck off into the Temple city to do some reconnaissance. When sneaking across the lone entry to the Temple, two dragons leapt from the steeple of the Temple and chased an eventual lightly cooked Nymvyr from the city. Team Mayhem buffed themselves maniacally before heading back in…stoneskin, spider climb, prayer, haste, invisibility, protection from fire…among others. The team stealthily approached the Temple from the underside of the bridge and successfully escaped the guard dragons’ notice…until the anti-magic columns stripped the team of their invisibility…

Enter the Dragon…both of the dragons leap into a freefall and prepare to attack Team Mayhem. Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr charged the landing dragon, crossing the courtyard, separating himself from the rest of the party. The crystal dragon landed amongst and attacked the remainder of the group near the bridge. Nymvyr did some damage to the first dragon and it quickly flew over to attack the party with the crystal dragon. An invisible attacker than savagely attacked Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr and their private battle had begun.

The dragons wreaked havoc, but the team gave back hard as well…slaying the crystal dragon. The remaining dragon then took to the skies and fled. Nymvyr had fared poorly with the Temple Monk, taking near-fatal damage—the rest of the party raced to assist against the Monk, yet she continued to dish out substantial damage. The Monk at one point turned invisible and fled, but K’eirnon was able to track her using tremor sense—much to his chagrin, as she hit him with devastating damage as well. Eventually the Monk was slain and the team healed up.

The assault on the temple begins, Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr attempts to disarm the trap at the door and the lightning trap knocks him unconscious. All healed up, the group enters the Temple and encountered no resistance on the first floor. Climbing the stairway the party triggered a hidden trap and several members of the group were either blinded or deafened. Scrolls and potions resolved these issues while Druid K’eirnon flowed through stone into the room above the stairs to avoid the trap. K’eirnon quietly opened the door to allow in the party from the hallway while the enemy meandered on the level above the stairway. Eyes locked from across the room, K’lara Baenrae…is here, and she’s a traitor!

K’lara and Team Mayhem begin casting…



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