All Trust is Foolish

All Trust is Foolish -- Episode 19

One member’s enemy makes it more than personal…

Team Mayhem pushes on through the underdark. Various visions come to them these days, visions of Most Foul Myr, undead necromancer recovering…not truly dead, nor truly alive in the typical sense. Visions of a cloudy group gathered secretly, claiming “I’ve taken care of it…they will be delayed”. Senses of being scryed upon. Feels like something’s definitely heating up.

Several members of the party hear noises in the distance. Over time, it’s determined that these are explosions. After some discussion, it appears the visions of “delays” are coming true and someone ahead is collapsing passageways. Team Mayhem is intent on covering distance quickly to catch up with the culprit when Ranger Belar-A notices a fake wall. A cavern is entrance is disguised by an illusion, effectively hiding the passageway. Belar-A rallies the party to readiness while Druid K’eirnon summons a handful of medium earth elementals and sends them ahead, under the illusion while he follows. On the other side, K’eirnon hears noises, but can’t isolate from where. He investigates several side passages and sends one of the elementals to bring the rest of the party forward.

Suddenly, most of the party is ambushed with a spell…giant black, leathery tentacles break free of the soil and tightly grasp anything it touches. Sorceror Rook, Ranger Belar-A and Priestess Nefazia were in the grasps of the dark tentacles, feeling it’s constrictive strength. Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr notice a spider on the cavern ceiling casting the spell and then retreating into a crevice in the rock formation. The team fought some mid-sized spiders and eventually fought free of the tentacles, but were unable…or unwilling to pursue the culprit. It was later determined the caster was one of House Dyrr, an Arachnomancer…or a wizard with the ability to shape shift into a spider. Druid K’eirnon was able to scry this individual and determine he had teleported back to Menzoberranzen.

The adventurers traveled the better part of week and eventually came to a level very close to the surface. This area was crossed by a raging river and some ruins. Upon close inspection, there were spider crabs hanging from the cavern ceiling and they were racing down to attack. Druid K’eirnon, in the form of an air elemental flew up to destroy them while Ranger Belar-A and Barbaric Rogue investigated the river. The river had a really dangerous vibe to it, and was flowing incredibly fast—so the party managed to stretch a rope between the ruins and the near shore to cross the river. Priestess Nefazia’s demonic companion elected to swim across and was promptly attack by a pair of massive mythological crab-like creatures with additional eyes and brains along the length of it’s legs. Nymvyr was last in line to cross by rope, so while preparing to attempt to save the demon, a third creature of legend crawled free of the river and attacked. As Nymvyr charged in, sword raised—the creature mesmerized him, causing Nymvyr to lose his memory and subsequently his purpose. They battled toe-to-toe nonetheless, as we would expect nothing less from the barbaric rogue. K’eirnon finished off most of the crab-spiders and came down to the ruins to join the battle and began summoning. The two initial crab creatures ignored the demon and attacked the ruins side of the river. Ranger Belar-A, Sorceror Rook and Priestess Nefazia stood toe-to-toe with the crab creatures, joined by Nefazia’s demon companion. K’eirnon and his summoned Stone Giant flanked the Creature of Legend with Nymvyr. After a long, drawn out battle Team Mayhem slew all but on of the horrors, the last fled deep within the raging waters. They climbed the long stairway to the surface, hiding items of their own within the rock near the entrance as a source to scry if the path was hidden upon their return. Sorceror Rook produced the map and the party began in the direction of a Temple that Nymvyr was drawn to, drawn by the spider entity placed within him by none other than Lloth herself…

As Team Mayhem observed an entity walking towards them in the darkness from afar. It was determined to be larger than human, even at this distance. The party took up hiding places, all except Nefazia (later joined by K’eirnon). The entity was the goddess Illestri’s avatar. She was aware of the party locations, despite their attempts. She attempted to be hospitable, calling into being a table filled with luxurious foods and promising to not attack…she claimed to be there only to talk. Her tone was direct, she asked if any would consider joining her cause…to reunite the banished drow elves with the surface elves. Her answer was multiple attempts to attack her by Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr and Ranger Belar-A. Though none of the attacks were effective, the attacks continued until she grew tired of them and with a wave of her hand “washed away the animosity”.

Team Mayhem did not yield, and the Avatar sullenly returned back up the road from when she’d arrived, back towards…the Temple, only now visible in the distance (and the probable location of the object for which they’d journeyed so far…)



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