All Trust is Foolish

All Trust is Foolish - Episode 18

A death in the Family…and then another

The scene opens upon the House Duskryn awards event, the House rewarding Nymvyr and K’eirnon’s estranged father with the bestowal of special armor. Several minutes into the ceremony, their father drops dead. While she appears outwardly indifferent to the event, K’eirnon senses something much more significant had been present between X’ainabet Duskryn and his now dead father. K’eirnon makes a mental not…food for thought later on…

Team Mayhem split up following the Duskryn House event, Sorceror Rook and Druid K’eirnon go to the school library in search of intelligence about Demons, Demonic summonings, etc. Try as they might, they learned nothing of any value and begin studying Rook’s map of the surface. Ranger Belar-A, Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr and Priestess Nefazia go gear hunting. Belar-A picks up his…her new bow, Nefazia picks up several magic items, and the three of them pick up useful potions and scrolls for supplies for the trip to the surface. Both groups meet back up and compare notes. Nymvyr remains restless. When questioned, he gets agitated and leaps to his feat…his eyes grow cloudy as he enters a rage, and a large spider emerges from his body and paces about. Nymvyr slips into a trance, while the spider shows interest in the same general direction as Nymvyr seems drawn to. Among other things, the passage which garners their interest IS one passage to the surface (according to vague sources). Belar-A tries to pull Nymvyr from his trance, even shakes and slaps him..but he doesn’t come to. After what seems like only minutes, the spider-thing…climbs back into Nymvyr, or perhaps more appropriately…it is absorbed back into Nymvyr and he comes to from the trance, although still out of it.

This merely adds more questions to those the party isn’t able to answer. Belar-A suggests, “We need to find out more about MyrVrae Most Foul and my twin sister Malice. Rumors are that they’ve been spending a great deal of time together, perhaps we can use that to our advantage”. Team Mayhem sets out to find them, but they’re harder to find than they could have expected. About this same time, various members of the group start feeling like they’re being scryed upon…but not quite that either. As the group exited a building down town, Druid K’eirnon saw Most Foul Myr’Vrae, her undead companion Bob, and Malice approaching and Myr’Vrae was already casting. Two mummies appear in front of Team Mayhem and attack. A long a drawn out battle ensues, Rook manages to Keep Most Foul Myr’Vrae off her feet…literally, with incident trips as a result of his attacks. One of his spells doesn’t react the way he expects, and he comes to the realization the Myr’rae is no longer a “living being”.

Malice waded into battle with a great many spells upon her, it was very difficult to hit for damage and make the damage stick. Priestess Nefazia buffed the party to turn the tides of battle. Other summons joined Malice, Bob, and the mummies on the attack. Druid K’eirnon summoned large lightning elementals to complicate the enemies’ desires. Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr took substantial damage while dishing that and more out, but he was in danger of checking out permanently, but Priestess Nefazia decided that wasn’t an appropriate end for Nymvyr at that point of the battle and restored his health. Ranger Belar-A sent a great many arrows at her sister’s countenance. Most hit for very solid damage, but Malice’s health did not deteriorate greatly for a long while. Nefazia’s demon pet dished out consistent damage to a mummy and ended it’s rebirth. Ranger Belar-A managed to drop an otherworldly being that could not be hit on this plane, while her pet spider contracted a bad case of mummy rot.

Sorceror Rook cast a spell that Myr’Vrae could not avoid, large black tentacles sprouted from the ground and grappled Myr off her feet. K’eirnon and one of the lightning elementals gained position on Myr and began hammering away…and continued to do so, but less effectively once Myr cast a deepest darkness spell that covered a 6 block radius. Undead minion Bob exploded when he died, dealing damage to all that were in his vicinity. The other mummy fell, and only Malice remained standing…but now showing serious damage. Rook tripped Malice as well, and she fell to the host of lightning elementals, to Ranger Belar-A’s dismay. Myr fell, but it was…different. All of the enemy thwarted, Belar-A borrowed a bag of holding from Nymvyr and loaded her sister and her former belongings into it. While she didn’t say it, some present thought that Belar-A may be harboring other plans for her sis. Myr’s body had turned to dust when she…it…died, and began blowing in the wind. Rook suggested that she is likely still alive…another puzzle to tackle. K’eirnon gathered up her belongings and shortly thereafter dumped them into the Menzoberranzen lake of myth, a more and more frequent occurrence these days. Belar-A

Team Mayhem meets up the following day, sensing an increased urgency to pursue Lloth’s weapon and the injustice wrought upon her…it’s agreed the group must go to the service—a point repeatedly driven home further by Nymvyr’s spider “infestation”. The group doesn’t know specifics about his condition, this…entity possession…but all among them sense that it’s something to do with Lloth’s will, and it’s a message that probably shouldn’t be ignored. Rook and K’eirnon researched what little was available in the Magic School library, Rook paid an exhorbitant price for a good map…and the rest of the party geared and provisioned up, readying to set out to reach the surface.

Along the way, Team Mayhem stumbled into a pocket cavern that contained an underground lake well lit by luminent lichen. A colony of miconid mushroom people inhabited the area, with some serious carnivorous plants as guardians. The plants would engulf beings, form a “seed” in their belly—a hybrid of the plant creature itself and the ingested being, which would then be vomited forth to become a new creature. In typical Team Mayhem fashion, observation turned to interest, interest to contact, contact to slaughter. The Guardians were massive and fought furiously, but Team Mayhem overcame. One creature managed to flee through the lake while Team Mayhem was unable to find an obvious way out towards the surface and had to retrace it’s steps out of the cavern and to find a new path.



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