All Trust is Foolish

All Trust is Foolish - Episode 17

Luck finally on our side…a dinosaur with a stomach ache

Team Mayhem escapes the underground city and makes it’s way out of the pocket world by the most direct path, avoiding roads and paths and plunging through the wild. Belar-A finds a defensible grove with towering trees to spend the night. Not long after arrival, Belar-A senses the large Tyranosaurs are making their way towards the grove at high speed. Ranger Belar-A and Druid K’eirnon send their giant spider pets vertically up the trees for relative safety while everyone else prepares for a defensive battle. Priestess Nefazia begins casting a bless spell while Druid K’eirnon begins casting a summoning spell. Sorcerer Rook sends a fireball into the leading Tyranosaur, but it is partially dodged by the creature. Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr activates his totem’s magic and places an enlarge spell upon himself. The approaching Tyranosaur towers over the party, and is extremely fast to boot, reaching melee in just a few steps.

Ranger Belar-A rains arrows in on the first Tyranosaur just as a second Tyranosaur enters the clearing. Druid K’eirnon’s spell goes off and a trio of large, 18’ Acid Elementals appear immediately adjacent to the first Tyranosaur. The first Tyranosaur swipes at and engulfs one of the acid elementals as Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr enrages and charges across the clearing towards the first Tyranosaur. Belar-A yells, “I sense something else approaching, but it’s different than the Tyranosaurs. Druid K’eirnon, still in large Obsidian elemental form, sinks into the earth to attempt to sense from which direction this new threat is approaching. Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr spins and attacks the second Tyranosaur, who responds in kind and engulfs Nymvyr on its first attempt. The first Tyranosaur roars in pain and vomits up the acid elemental it had swallowed and the other two acid elementals continue to attack. Sorceror Rook dimension doors himself away from melee with the first Tyranosaur, and lands near Belar-A. Almost immediately the massive Demon <insert name="true"> that’s determined to enslave Bela-A and has fought the party before arrives behind him…errr…her. (NOTE: Ranger Belar was cursed several episodes previously and is currently a Drow female).

Priestess Nefazia casts another buff spell on the party and her demon companion charges the massive demon, but as always, the enemy Demon is a very difficult opponent to hit or damage. Sorcerer Rook casts a spell at the massive Demon, but it’s mostly shrugged off. Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr fights feverishly from inside the second Tyranosaur and is vomited up and out, landing miraculously on his feet. The first Tyranosaur succumbs to one of Ranger Belar-A’s arrows and then she turns to engage the enemy demon with he other arrows, to little effect. K’eirnon emerges from the earth, sends the elementals to engage the surviving Tyranosaur and then charges the massive demon. The enemy demon disappears from view as it teleports across the camp to behind Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr and attacks, doing substantial damage. Priestess Nefazia crosses the camp to perform a Heal on Nymvyr who is in very bad shape. The acid elementals do quite a bit of damage to the Tyranosaur and sustain a number of serious attacks in response. Ranger Belar-A contines to fire her bow at the enemy demon and starts getting damaging shots to land. There’s a flurry of activity that results in the death of the remaining Tyranosaur and before the party can finish off the Massive Demon, yet again, it fades from existence and escapes death a second time.

Team Mayhem successfully makes their way back to Menzoberranzen and sell off their compiled treasures. Ranger Belar-A and Druid K’eirnon commision magical armor be made for them, but the entire party is whisked away to an important meeting held for all the Drow nobles in the city. The party notices faces both familiar and hated in the gathering, but none more hated than Most Foul Myr’Vrae. She appears both terrible and radiant, with an arrogant confidence that makes all that know her grind their teeth in earnest fury. Her undead companion, her brother, no longer a simple skeleton but clearly a more advanced, mummy-like undead entity now…an unknown quantity. She grins happily at Belar-A’s plight, her eyes dancing merrily with an evil light. “She will die, painfully and soon” Belar-A whispers quietly. Nymvyr nods his head in agreement, “…she will most certainly die”.

The gathering is informed of an unknown issue that is affecting Spider Queen Lloth’s strength and ability to lead. This comes as a big surprise to most present, but not Team Mayhem…for they know first hand of what has come to bear, and perhaps even an idea of what is still yet to come. An argument breaks out in the team, an argument determining what should perhaps be revealed, what perhaps should not be revealed, or if the issue at hand should be ignored for the time being while the party might move in the direction of fixing it themselves. Belar-A excuses herself to perform a personal task, and Nymvyr reveals that a plan he set into motion long ago must now be executed. He asks the remaining members…Nefazia and K’eirnon for their assistance, sight unseen. “If you’ll excuse us”, Nymvyr nods to Belar-A, and they’re away.

Nymvyr and K’eirnon’s father, an enigma and hated enemy for his betrayal of their mother and his subsequent alliance with their tainted aunt, is receiving a gift for his loyalty and service…a set of magical armor, singular in it’s brilliance. But is not unique, for Nymvyr had negotiated a second set of armor to be made in it’s identical image, only this new armor has a dark secret…a deadly secret. To make the switch and slay their father, the armor will need to be switched with the original, kept deep within the armory of House Duskryn. Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr stands at the armory door, having disabled all traps through the hallways that lead to this sacred place. “There will be guards” he whispers without sound.

Druid K’eirnon is in a neutral shape he’s not used before, a powerful creature…a dire tiger. He quietly casts mass spiderclimb on the party and then drinks a potion…and slowly disappears from view. Sorcerer Rook and Priestess Nefazia make combat preparations as well and Barbaric Rogue Nymvyr reaches to disable the final trap…PPPFFFFZZZzzzztttt. The armory door swings open, but Nymvyr has been both damaged and partially stunned by an electrical trap. Druid K’eirnon charged through the door and quieter than a feather comes ever so short of reaching one of the guards that are present. The Swashbuckler guard senses K’eirnon’s presense, and spins…but can’t make out the invisible Tiger. Swashbuckler pulls a pair of swords and stalks towards the open door and K’eirnon ambush attacks from hiding! The swashbuckler expertly dances to the side at the last moment and avoids the attack and responds with an attack that slashes Tiger K’eirnon’s flanks with frightful results, leaving ragged slices in the blade’s wake. Nymvyr recovers and charges the swashbuckler between the two brothers and a frightful battle ensues.

Sorcerer Rook enters the room cautiously and sees only the fierce battle raging. He does not see the hiding, but watchful eyes of the second guard. The swashbuckler guard attacks and damages Nymvyr for a great deal of damage with his Drow Bane blade. Preistess Nefazia rushes in to heal Nymvyr while he in turn takes the attack to the difficult to hit swashbuckler. The second guard charges Sorcerer Rook with a two-handed sword raised above his head, Rook manages to quick cast a short-range teleport spell to relative safety the far side of K’eirnon. K’eirnon sees that Nefazia is vulnerable to the second guard and K’eirnon runs up the wall (spider climb) and leaps at the second guard, but misses cleanly. Rook and Nymvyr take down the swashbuckler and the entire party focus their attention on the second guard, also surprisingly difficult to strike and damage. The second guard was elusive and performed short-range teleports which countered the party’s more common battle tactics. In the end, four members versus the single guard…the power of numbers won out. Nymvyr switched the armors as planned, and K’eirnon stuffed the guards and their belongings into his bags of holding for later disposal. The party then sneak back out of the tower and all but K’eirnon meet-up with Ranger Belar-A to develop a new plan to pursue the objects that might restore Spider Queen Lloth to power.

K’eirnon flies quietly out over the lake…and stares into the depths…so dark, so deep, so mysterious. He is in black Gryphon form, his bags of holding clutched in his own talons, he swings low to the water’s surface and pulls the swashbuckler out of the bag and drops him into the water. The body hangs there, lifeless, but strangely not so for just a moment before it slips into the darkness. K’eirnon gryphon places the other guard and both guard’s weapons into the depths as well and then flies low and quietly to the far side of the lake before returning to the hard ground and ultimately to the team’s meeting place. He ponders to himself the action of hiding bodies in the lake…it wasn’t the first he’d this same thing, but everything seems to matter just a bit more lately. Pieces continue to be moved across this fateful chessboard at the level of the gods. K’eirnon wonders anew at the quandary…”are we just pawns in this battle, or does the Spider Queen have a different plan for us…”



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