All Trust is Foolish

All Trust is Foolish - Episode 12

After spending some time discussing the best coarse of action on finding out more about the ever building plot that K’eirnon and Nymvyr have found themselves in. The party had come up with two reasonable ways of attaining more info without brining the issue to others. Rook gave us the name of the party member that turned his back on him and his former group and barley escaped retribution. Unfortunately all attempts to find his location had failed. With few other options the party decided to investigate the road and whereabouts of fabled city Feyerlum.

From the maps they received, and the distance believed it would take, the group turned to the school for a little teleportation assistance to shave off a week from there journey.

After traveling a few days, the group came upon a large cavern. It was believed that this cavern was along the right direction to the city and so the party investigated. It was apperent that the cavern was occupied by another group as a large fire was seen in the distance. Rook cast invisibility on Nymvyr to scout out the situation. after scouting the area, Nymvyr reported that the camp was occupied by a group of Asian adventurers that were using an old fortification as there camp. A plan was formulated and an ambush was set up. Rook cast dimension door on himself and Nefazia, along with her pet. k’erirnon transformed into an earth elemental and waited just under their feet. Nymvyr was still invisible and readied himself next to what he thought was the biggest threat. Belar and his pet waited on the wall invisible until everyone was ready.

The good adventures were caught almost completely by surprise. with some quick thinking by Rook placing a Black Tentacle spell in the mist of the group, their mobility was slowed significantly. Belar rained arrows down, Nymvyr raged and cut one almost in half, Rook attempted to take the air out of the lungs of a few, K’eirnon rained down fire from above, and Nefazia unleashed unholy energies upon them. keeping them on the defensive proved to be their undoing as the party kept hammering spells, blows, and arrows into them until one by one they fell.

After the last of the foes fell in battle, the group rummaged through their bodies and took what they believed to be of value. As they were wrapping up, a powerful spell went off a short distance away and a Demon appeared. This happened to be the same demon that Belar saw in a dream.

What will the party do next………….we will have to wait and see



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